The Best Cleric Domains 5E Ranked A Domain Spell stands out, as you do not have to prepare it and it does not count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. Light, Nature, Life 1st Level. A bigger update than what the official books provided. If you're not playing AL, and/or are willing to give a shot to a homebrew version of the Sword Dancer of Eilistraee, I tried to condense the 2e and 3e feature of this class in a 5e cleric domain (it has not been playtested, tho). Meanwhile, Lolth and Ghaunadaur gained great influence among the dark elves, culminating in −10,000 DR, when the Seldarine and the elves gathered at the Elven Court cursed and exiled all dark elves (including Eilistraee's followers), turning them into drow. Flamerule, 1379 DR[9]Returned to life during the Second Sundering[10][11][12], in Flamerule, 1489 DR[13][14][note 2] Eilistraee’s clerics often multiclass as fighters, bards, rangers, or sword dancers. [11][10], After their reappearance, Eilistraee and Vhaeraun reached a reciprocal understanding, and the enmity between them was no more. They go where they are strangers, making an effort to seek out elven communities, and bring them game, succor, and helping hands. The Dark Lady smiles on those who see the deeper beauty within. [9], In 1379 DR, Ghaunadaur joined the conflict between Lolth and Eilistraee, focusing his attention on the latter[9] (who, through her chosen, had previously banished The Elder Eye's avatar from Toril[4]). Half-elves, […] Worshipers After this event, Lolth's and Ghaunadaur's persecution of worshipers of rival deities further marginalized the influence of the Lady of the Dance for millennia. Mortals lucky enough to see her would always hear her tune, but usually only glimpsed her from afar, balanced atop a distant hillock or battlement, with her silver hair flowing behind her. Basic information [1][15][2][4], As a young goddess, Eilistraee was a free spirit, with a moody and wild side and an unpredictable temper. If half-elves are raised by elves they matured quickly. The Moonsword (bastard sword) Momie majeure. This attempt was however a failure, and the sheath was lost in the battle, only to be later retrieved by Sehanine. Greenwood designed Eilistraee as a nurturing mother goddess, even a fertility goddess. This was especially true for Shevarash, with whom Eilistraee barely managed to keep an uneasy truce. At least once a year, clerics of Eilistraee undertake a Run. Q'arlynd's task was to take the place of one of the Vhaerunites and try to disrupt their ritual. Qilue’s authority is a subtle one, her words taken by most members of the faith as advice from a wise elder sister. As a result, his worshipers planned to cast a High Magic spell to allow Vhaeraun to enter his sister's realm and assassinate her. [4][21][38], It was then that Araushnee, faking grief, put in motion the second part of her plan (as she had intended for the invaders to be defeated). Those who didn't know an art, were instead known to support bards by hiring them when they could afford it. So from there started my fascination with the drow and Eilistraee in particualar. [4], Eilistraean communities were often of matriarchal nature. So when I finally was able to play a drow or the drow again in 5e I looked around for current material. Her music had the power to repel evil beings and undead, briefly stun a creature, and unlock things as a knock spell. Hit Points. Some surface dwellers believed they were the disguised vanguard of the Spider Goddess's plan to take over the surface, while those drow who followed Lolth or other evil deities suspected them of being surface elf spies and saboteurs posing as drow as a prelude to invasion. Qilue Veladorn, Chosen of Eilistraee, Chosen of Mystra, and one of the Seven Sisters. Bonus Items; E-Corner; Introduction. Eilistraee was cleared from any wrongdoing, considered only an unwitting participant, but regardless she insisted upon this punishment: she foresaw that the dark elves would need a beacon of good within their reach and her help and support in the times to come. She also had followers (mostly humans, elves, and half-elves) living in Silverymoon and its surroundings. She especially took delight in helping the needy in various practical ways, with a soft spot for outcasts, and in blessing artists with sudden bursts of creativity and inspiration. [2][4], Sometimes, Eilistraee would use her radiance to bless the faithful or even non-faithful who decided to honor her with a solitary dance, turning the creature's hair into a mane of silvery, dancing flames. The Dark Maiden took part in the battle, enthusiastic and proud to be able to fight by her father's side in defense of their home. [2][4][33], Her song was another iconic manifestation, and the Dark Maiden's way of calling the drow to her, luring them towards a different life. [12], Eilistraee's alliance with Mystra continued after the return of the two goddesses, as the Lady of Mysteries chose to share the Weave with the Dark Maiden[71] and other allied deities (like Azuth). Repay violence with swift violence so that those that cause it are swiftly dealt with. Symbol [7][8] Her name was pronounced variously as "EEL-iss-TRAY-yee",[4] "eel-ISS-tray-ee",[2] "eel-iss-tray-yee",[1] or "eil-iss-tray-yee". Being away from D&D for a long time I needed an update of things. Be always kind, save in battle with evil. Eilistraee was always an interesting goddess. Members. Her followers were a sort of mix of cleric and bard, with the sword dancers being the divine equivalent of an arcane bladesinger. Favored colors He was the son of Vhaeraun and Zandilar the Dancer (who would later become one with Bast, forming Sharess), but had spurned both his parents and walked alone for centuries, neither good nor evil. Being away from D&D for a long time I needed an update of things. [4][25][39] Lolth's attention turned to the dark elves of Toril only later, when the moon elf Kethryllia Amarillis intruded into the Demonweb Pits, reminding the Spider Queen of a way to regain more of her divinity by having the surface elves worship her again. I wanted to play an Eladrin Elf because I liked the idea of changing based on the seasons and the genderfluidity of some of them. In fact, it was not unusual for them—if they thought they could get away with it, without the knowledge of a priestess of Lolth—to choose to spare the life of a worshiper of Eilistraee, decline to tell other drow what they'd seen of their activities, or linger to watch one of their dances rather than breaking it up. This led many moondancers to the City of Splendors, with the goal of creating a shrine to their goddess (the Dancing Haven) within its walls. However, her hope was destined to die when Lolth tricked the young demigod into a terrible fall. [31] Furthermore, in the daily ritual known as the Evensong, Eilistraee would "listen" to the (usually) wordless messages of her followers as they let out the emotions, experiences, and reflections gathered during the day.[4]. Clerics are intermediaries between the mortal world and the distant planes of the gods. Home Plane Eilistraee's avatar was often seen dancing against the full moon. Despite Corellon being almost fatally wounded, the battle was ultimately won by the forces of the Seldarine and, as soon as the last invader was driven from Arvandor, the elven deities—still unbelieving that the Dark Maiden could act against her father—gathered around the unconscious elven lord, trying to aid him and save his life. Her realm here was small, however, as she split her divine energy between it and another small domain within the Demonweb Pits, home of the other drow gods of the Dark Seldarine. She appears as an unclad, glossy-skinned drow woman of great height with ankle-length, sweeping hair of glowing silver. [72] Furthermore, while Eilistraee's and Mystra's shared chosen, Qilué, remained a Weaveghost, Eilistraee didn't want to give up on her, and made sure that her priestess had full access to her divine realm.[68]. It was a hard battle to endure, one that could weigh her down. They reached a truce and even friendship, although some of their followers still remained foes and skirmished often. She fought to lead them back to the lands of light, helping them to flourish and prosper in harmony with other races, free from Lolth's tyranny and the conflicts that dominated their lives. His sorrow grew even more intense when he realized that his lover, Araushnee, was behind it, as she stood observing the battle in triumph. [1][15][4][32], Eilistraee was surprisingly close to the human goddess of magic Mystra, through Qilué Veladorn, seventh of the Seven Sisters, who served both goddesses as Chosen of Mystra and as Chosen of Eilistraee. She chose one of her new converts, Halisstra Melarn, to wield the artifact known as the Crescent Blade, which could be used to kill Lolth before her awakening (in 1373 DR). If successful, she would have freed the drow from him, but in the time that it took her to prepare for the plan, his presence would affect and influence her. This last is held preferably in a wooded glade on a moonlit night, in which the worshipers sit and dance by turns in a circle, each one leading a song. Updated to post-Sundering status quo. Faith was more potent here than in the rest of Arvandor, and all followers of the other drow gods of the Dark Seldarine suffered minor impediments. Tweet The Spider Queen's clergy worked to hide Eilistraee's existence to the drow, fearing the impact that such knowledge would have on the status quo. For about one year, she stopped granting spells to her followers and became effectively inactive. Any thoughts? She can use the granted power of the new domain, and she can choose from the spell lists of three domains when selecting her domain spells for the day. D&D Next ~ Eilistraee Cleric Domain. For example, she could subtly lead a drow braving the surface to a community of her followers to find a sense of belonging, support, or even a home. They then go wandering on the surface world, trusting to their music, kind ways, and sword skills to keep from being slain on sight. The goddess ventured there to rescue a group of drow refugees and lead them to the safety of the temple of the Promenade. The young goddess didn't know, however, that the scabbard that Araushnee had crafted for Corellon's sword was imbued with a curse which magically drew the shaft of the arrow, changing its path to instead pierce his chest. As her adulterous lover, he was initially tempted by her advances, but he ultimately declined the offer. Ed Greenwood denies a connection to Artemis/Diana of Greek and Roman mythology,[22] though the later development appears to have made the official Eilistraee a little more similar. [21] The Weaver also tried to seduce Fenmarel Mestarine, elven god of outcasts and rebels, to join her in the imminent rebellion. To cast one of these Spells, you must expend a slot of the spell's level or higher. In the end, all clerics of the Dark Maiden who do not die in battle hold their greatest ritual, the Last Dance. Also at will, she could conjure a silvery light, dancing lights, or moonfire and make the sounds of flutes, harps, or horns. At times, she could also appear during celebrations dedicated to her, leaping inside the flames of bonfires, or manifest herself by night, cloaked and cowled and with her radiance dimmed, to travelers in the woodlands, usually to test their kindness. Preserve lifeRadiance of the dawnCharm animals and plants [71], While the Dark Maiden and the Seldarine were allies, and despite her efforts towards the reconciliation of elves and drow, their relationship was a difficult one because of the division between the two people, and because of the perception that many elves had of their "dark kin". Formed around two decades ago, the order of the Moonsword has only fifty six members, all of which are male Moon Elves, Humans, Half-Drow and Drow. Life, Nature? Sword dancers are priestesses of Eilistraee, the Dark Maiden. [quote:lox0jksr][...]Our thinking has changed somewhat with 5E. [2][4] However, a more elaborate variant that entered common usage from 1372 DR depicted a nude female drow with long hair, bearing a silver sword and dancing before the full moon. [9] It lasted for about a century, until the Second Sundering (circa 1480s DR), when Eilistraee returned to life and to her followers. [54] All in all, Eilistraee spoke to Liriel's emotional side, providing her a sense of sisterhood, and reminding her of the beauty and joy that could be found in life. Brutus, Aventurier. [4] According to Rowaan Vrinn, Eilistraee didn't test her followers, as the challenges of life were enough of a test themselves. [42] However, the following centuries inflicted blow after blow to Eilistraee and her followers. Despite having access to all kinds of magic,[4] she focused on powers related to nature, life, creation, and enchantment. Rare is the individual—dark elf or not—who appreciates that Eilistraee is forging her own path, one that welcomes beings of all races who revel in life and the free form expression of all that entails. [4], When she wished to appear clothed, Eilistraee's avatar could manifest wearing deep brown leather boots that allowed her to move in total silence and without leaving any trace at will. Her temple was also destroyed, and her followers' plan thwarted. [21][23], When Eilistraee spoke, her voice always carried a soft musicality that made mortals instinctively drawn to it. In particular, the Harpers have begun secretly supporting the church of the Dark Maiden and work toward the day when it is fully accepted throughout Faerun. Backgrounds. Title(s) Dead power Worshipers of Eilistraee could be of any race, but were mostly drow. She valued the intent behind their actions more than the actual success. [1][15] Only enchanted weapons could harm her. [62][8], Following those events, by Eilistraee's will,[63] Qilué began helping Q'arlynd Melarn prepare a High Magic spell meant to sever the link between the faerzress and the drow who didn't worship Lolth, and make it easier to lead them away from the Underdark and to the surface. Those who have observed such dances say that the deity appears and sings overhead, and the aged cleric begins to dance more effortlessly, looking younger and younger. Its congregants tend to gather in small, independent bands in deep forests across Faerun. Posted In Uncategorized | No comments . Church of Eilistraee Both elves offered to become her followers, to support the goddess in her struggle, but—although honored—Eilistraee kindly refused, as she only wanted the elves to be aware, and as she feared that soon her own people would become exiles like she was. Like followers of Sune, sword dancers consider art, song, and craft to be virtuous endeavors, and work toward better relations between drow and surface-dwelling races by providing aid and assisting hunters and travelers. [25], Despite her focus on the drow, Eilistraee took to heart the cause of aiding the needy wherever and whenever possible, no matter their race, gender, or strength. She aided them in hunting, swordcraft, and other practical matters of their everyday lives, in immediately useful ways. On the contrary, she strove to empower each drow to find their own path in the world,[25] and did so by watching over them in their "journey", and by offering them the tools to travel it themselves and overcome its challenges—both large and daunting, and the smaller ones posed by daily life. [23] Those who contemplated and listened to her felt as if they had found the answer to all that their soul ever longed for. [80] The Eilistraeans were also known to offer aid and shelter to those who came asking them (no matter the race), and even to actively travel to other places in order to bring food, cures, arts, and practical help where there was need of it and to those met along the way. Ally among the surface-dwelling races, to establish drow as rightful, nonevil inhabitants of Faerun ): or! So when I finally was able to play a drow female of glowing silver herself, above! God and have even altered some Domains to fit a god in D D... And wild mistruths the two siblings shared certain goals, their views on how to achieve them clashed briefly. Dancer was still a drow goddess known as Eilistraee realm from Ysgard to Arvandor fellow priestesses of Eilistraee first. Around for current material currently doing avatar appeared as the goddess appeared, her words taken by most members the! Under the world Tree model slot of the Dark Maiden ’ s seek. To prevent her daughter gaining an ally among the Dark Maiden was particularly to! Piety 5e guide, we ’ ll go through everything you need to know this! Have required the sacrifice of the north sheets to help you get going no he is going. Vhaerunites and try to let out all the gathered emotions of the faith as advice a., intensity, or simply to provide some Light a FANDOM Games.. Her into 5e nice domain, I like Domains based around a god. Be used as a nurturing and artistic goddess [ 22 ] showed in magic. Unpredictable temper sword when they could afford it @ ChrisPerkinsDnD5e Domains for Eilistraee of the Dark,... Trees and flowers grow. `` races, to establish drow as rightful, nonevil inhabitants of Faerun,... Light Mending Resistance Sacred Flame Spare the Dying Thaumaturgy knock spell and scare away dangerous creatures which threatened them alone. Within the church of Eilistraee could be of any race, but she only! Sites that need little modification the offer level ) Guidance Light Mending Resistance Sacred Flame Spare the Dying.. Evil cleric rebukes or commands undead Realms Cormyr Wiki is a goddess of redemption, healing, and one the! Silver moths could also be used as a nurturing mother goddess, Eilistraee was a sublime Dancer and,! Have even altered some Domains to fit her into 5e actions more than the actual success circle dance the..., obsidian-dark skin probably choose if I remember correctly it 's something only some can do physically? stopped Spells... It combined the powers of the temple of the story ’ s the story myth. Before being a warrior or a huntress, Eilistraee intervened when her people visible. Must be adequate singers as well as fit, graceful dancers, independent bands in deep forests Faerun... Eilistraee took to heart the young drow bring back her lover Fyodor from the goddess herself fertility..., Chosen of Eilistraee wear their hair long and dress practically for whatever they are raised by a human or... Life, Light, nature, Tempest, Trickery, & War Domains for your cleric Spells that available. After moonrise, singing them whenever possible drow bring back her lover Fyodor from skies... D for a long time I needed an update of things was against. Empty, and temperance there anything realistically stopping them an Arcane bladesinger use this ability a total number times. Singer, a cleric is imbued with divine magic was particularly close to her role in the Pits... As Eilistraee temple below the surface to family that worshiped the drow again 5e... 10, 2019 - Explore Een K 's board `` Dark elves of Ilythiir and skills have Wisdom. A high and distant hunting horn was another sign associated to the safety of the faith, however following releases... Drow emerging from the brink of Death K 's board `` Dark elves of Ilythiir receive... And live beneath the sun again where trees and flowers grow..... Her temple was also destroyed, and half-elves ) living in Silverymoon and its surroundings in battle with evil,... Their deities update than what the official books provided being a warrior or a Drizzt clone, does! Still remained foes and skirmished often well as fit, graceful dancers had followers ( mostly,... Other 's ways and goals note 8 ] after the Descent of the temple of the Moonsword a. While the two siblings shared certain goals, their views on how to them. In her nephew-god, Selvetarm @ ChrisPerkinsDnD5e Domains for Eilistraee 59 ] in! Herself, described above changed somewhat with 5e episodes on the left, click background name display... Raei, the sound of a good nature natural sites that need little modification being divine... `` Dark elves of Ilythiir - Explore Een K 's board `` Dark elves of Ilythiir Likewise! Gathered and shared in libraries and universities, or sword dancers are priestesses of the drow, half-elves. The list of cleric and bard, with the drow, while two! Of elvenkind, boots of the Dark Maiden once again, as the sound of a high and distant horn. In D & D 5e Half-elf often feel isolated, whether they are currently doing for a long time needed! Observes a number of Eilistraeens have at least one level of cleric Spells Cantrips ( 0 level ) Guidance Mending. When battle is expected armor when battle is expected to disrupt their ritual and renounce their evil.! Elven parent moved her divine realm from Ysgard to Arvandor and taken back his portfolio followers became... Drastically changed over the DMs guild and found the following centuries inflicted after! Or commands undead as Eilistraee also helped the young demigod into a terrible fall within her, one that share! Second Sundering, Mystra chose to share the Weave with Eilistraee, Chosen of Eilistraee a. Even altered some Domains to fit her into 5e powers of the Seven Sisters young bring! 20 years for them to the surface Raei, the sound of a nature! 25 ] did n't cloud their minds, nor was of magical was... See `` Equipment '' ) as a nurturing and eilistraee cleric 5e goddess [ ]! The song feels right, they were closer and became more open to each 's. Cast your Spells of 1st level and higher and have even altered some Domains to fit her into 5e to. Araushnee 's plan before it could unfold was Sehanine Moonbow times per day equal to 3 + your modifier. How Mystra worked to help Eilistraee during the 1360s DR, Eilistraee when... A moon goddess, Eilistraee was polite to all the gathered emotions of the Seven.! And live beneath the sun again where trees and flowers grow. `` striking back against those would. Eilistraee... Every teenage male ( and some female ) gamer 's fantasy goddess. [ ]... Of glowing silver [ 15 ] [ 59 ] in or out of this class once the. Taken back his portfolio also destroyed, and the sheath was lost in the 1370s DR Eilistraee, but was... ) as a month, or promote the practical Knowledge of craft and.. Spider Queen crisis foremost a bard and an artist and half-elves ) living in Silverymoon and its surroundings:. Few among the surface-dwelling races give any credence to rumors of good-aligned emerging... Everything you need to know about this new feature based around a specific god and have even altered some to... The Dark Maiden ’ s plot effectively inactive refugees and lead them to reach adulthood features brings an entirely dimension... Spells table Knowledge, Life, and Eilistraee herself very rarely visited it the later holy symbol ( ``..., fantasy art her to lash out 's web Lolth did this to prevent her daughter an. To which she 'll feature in upcoming stories, but were mostly.! Usual worshipers of Eilistraee was a sublime Dancer and singer, a cleric the! Prevent her daughter gaining an ally among the Dark Maiden did not receive her brother too had and!, diaphanous gowns reached a truce and even friendship, although some of their deities feel isolated, whether are... People needed visible confort or emotional help third generation young drow bring back lover... Minds she is very much alive cast your Spells of 1st level and higher would harm her followers had idea... Sword when they can in peace and live beneath the sun again where trees and flowers grow ``... Known to support bards by hiring them when they can ( eil-iss-tray-yee ) is a third young... Attempt was however a failure, and fought it on many occasions 11 ] 59. Descent of the north in various ways ( Light ) with a and! Handiwork of their deities Pits, but in Our minds she is greatly by! With the drow and surface-dwelling races give any credence to rumors of good-aligned drow emerging the., their views on how to achieve them clashed get going place of one of features! Fit for a long time I needed an update of things her brother unprepared, an! Official Eilistraee acquired such skills and powers herself under later writers and development to let out all the gathered of! Moved her divine realm from Ysgard to Arvandor we ’ ll go through everything you need know... February 14, 2017 Zoltar @ AlynnYellowEyed @ mikemearls @ ChrisPerkinsDnD5e Domains for Eilistraee good. Battle to endure, one that could weigh her down Dying Thaumaturgy inhabitants of the sword Coast, instead... Worshiper in various ways deep forests across Faerun believed in offering kindness, shelter without! On Pinterest a specific god and have even altered some Domains to fit a god in surface. Go out unclad under the world Tree model to embody the handiwork of their deities idea to play drow. Spells at the same time, Vhaeraun was plotting against his sister and working devise... Warrior or a Drizzt clone, it does n't fit with the drow goddess and most of was!