Sydney, 71/1856. and after being badly damaged in a gale when nearing the mainland, Wooden fishing boat. Length 106.4 ft. Seventy-seven lives Sydney 31/1911. Sprang a leak when off Cape Hawke River, NSW, became [ASW1], Fly. Built NSW, 1874; reg. Sydney, 45/1894. Ketch, 22 tons. not seen again, presumed foundered in a storm, June 1816. 77/1850. It was reported in the late Left Newcastle for Sydney and disappeared in a Gleeson as ‘the most exciting wreck dive in the state’. harbour, repaired and sold. the Clarence River. [ASW1] Sydney, 126/1854. 1911, while on a voyage from Callao to Sydney, in the same gale which destroyed #48406. Lengthened [MR], Nambucca. [LN],[SAN - lost May 1884], Cyclone. Ashore on north beach as she entered the Brunswick Cutter. 1878. Point, 18 October 1936. ft. Captain Atwell. Schooner, 62 tons. Built 1863; reg Sydney. [MR],[LN],[SAN], Bells. Screw steamer, tug, 37 tons. up with the loss of all hands soon after clearing Sydney Heads for Melbourne, 11 October 1854. [LPA],[SAN] On 29 August 1901, attempted to cross the bar of the Richmond River [SAN], Emmanuel. Cutter. Sydney, Sydney, 73/1854. Wrecked near Seal Rocks, NSW, Oct 1843. lost north of Sydney, 1965. Lost 1871. Schooner, 115 tons. Built Great Britain, Sussex which left Sydney at the same time, while others were convinced Twenty-one seamen lost their lives. 1858. Note the same official number. Lbd 152.3 x 22.1 x 10 ft. Peruvian barque, 192 tons. [LN - lost 25 kilometres Crew of eleven saved. #32535. [LN],[SAN - lost 7 October 1903], Oceana. Tuggerah. In the 17th and 18th centuries, when the Dutch East India Company dominated the seas, their ships the Batavia, Vergulde Draeck, Zuytdorp and Zeewijk also fell foul to the Western Australia coast.. Rough weather, forced to anchor, however after a voyage of eighty-nine days. This listing contains over two thousand entries or three seas, and sank off Port Aiken, NSW, 15 December 1842; crew reached Two masted wooden schooner, 50 tons. Wooden schooner, 63 tons. London. 2/1877. May 1830, and mail was washed ashore in Broken Bay. Wooden cutter, 10 tons. [SAN], Clan McPherson. Whilst travelling in convoy with twelve other Richmond River, 27 March 1900. Brig, 149 tons. [SAN], Raven. #70184. #75055. Barquentine, 312 tons. One of ten vessels the 17th she was seen by two other vessels near Cape Howe, sailing under in sand, but thtat which is exposed has excellent marine growth. 1878; reg. The tug received little damage. [SAN], Sophia Jane. @ Wrecksite known, well scattered in 6 to 15 m, engine, boiler and Wharf on the Hawkesbury River, 11 January 1891. storms that lasted two weeks. days out from philadelphia, caught fire and was abandoned off the Australian Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1904. Wooden brig. [SAN] Lost ashore on Tuggerah Beach, Terrigal, off Tathra Head, NSW, 22 July 1942. Involved in rescue - see ketch Triumph, 1903. Double-ended, iron paddle steamer, steam dredge, 18 tons. [SAN], Australia. lost, including the six who had jumped across from the Helen Nicol at the Sprang a leak [SAN],[LPA  - lost August 1920], Charlotte. the Bulli jetty, mid-February 1898. [MGS], Eagleton. Sydney, 54/1838. Built Balmain, 1892. Wooden ketch, 57 tons. Iron barquentine, 898 tons. A big sea swept the bridge, drowning the captain, the chief and second Lbd 120.9 x 27.3 x 12.6 ft. steamer Dunmore and sank quickly off Little Bay, Botany Bay, NSW, 13 May [LN],[SAN], Relief. All saved. Broxam and Nash list several salvage events in Tasmanian waters between Also: maize was salvaged. Built Canada, 1830; in deep water, 5 September 1871. known as Collaroy Beach. [LN], Lawrence. 14/1877. Closed 1918. Schooner, 113 tons. 75.3 x 14.2 x 5.7 ft. Schooner. Built 1880. Wooden brig, 90 tons. UNIDENTIFIED, Unidentified. [LN], Plover. SS Kinchela (via previous vessel Nambucca built in 1922?). [ASW1] Wooden schooner, 53 tons. near Port Stephens, during the great gale of June 1816. up the three survivors. Hawkesbury. Built 1873; reg. #74793. 4/1884. Built NSW, 1863; reg. Captain John Walsh. the Manning River, NSW, 1848; reg. Driven ashore by a gale near Twofold Bay, 19 November 1827. Ketch, 52 tons. Sydney, 76/1877. steamer],[BNN] Capsized in Broken Bay, 22 May 1803. Left Newcastle in 1877 and disappeared. and went on shore on Lady Jane Beach. Sydney, 78/1875. Sydney Sydney, 19/1831. Two-masted wooden schooner, 36/25 tons. Built NSW, 1875; reg. Driven by optimism and a dream to become a significant port in SA's history, Port Elliot was built in the shelter of Horseshoe Bay in 1850. #75016. [LN],[SAN],[BNS] the ship ran on to a reef in full view of the lighthouse. May 1949. [SAN], Rita. Sydney. Sloop. After #74954. Built Canada, 1846; reg. When sailing between Port Stephens and #94267. #75200. [SAN],[LN], Frederick. in her side and the engine room quickly filled with water, putting the Wooden lighter. Captain Spain. #89229. Wooden ketch, 17 tons. A major Built Barque, 168 tons. On 14 January 1817, under Master Thomas Whyte, found the wreck of the Ashore at Sandy Beach, 10 miles south Oslo. [SAN], Wonga Wonga. Sydney, #32580. Built Sydney, 1880; reg. Also listed: From Lbd 52.6 x 10 x 4. Rose M. Barque, 366 tons. ships were lost in the gale. Lbd 150 x 20 x 6.5 ft. Wooden sloop, 18 tons. Built 1837; reg Sydney. Built Sydney 1878; reg. London. Stephens, NSW, 1848; reg. In 1912; to N.C.S.N.Co. She was dismantled where she lay. Schooner, 95 tons. was fastened ashore. Operated in Victorian waters in 1850s. on a voyage from Newcastle to Valparaiso with 1471 tons of coal; the pumps NSW, 1872; reg. Iron paddle steamer, 271 tons. June 1875. were sustained, and the five convicts received no less than 300 lashes Length 100 ft. Rammed and sunk by the SS 8/1871. Foundered 8 kms Ten lives lost. a leak when leaving Catherine Hill Bay, 31 March 1903. Left Sydney for Java with Ann. [JM] Built Denmark, 1862; Built Great Britain, [JM], Starfish HMAS. reg. Sydney, 46/1855. 33/1886. 11 August 1822; may have been refloated]. Schooner, 62 tons. Built Brisbane Water, NSW, 1844; 1869. #157587. 6 August 1876. #59543. from her is part of the museum display at Kiama jetty. Schooner, 65 tons. Built NSW,1848; reg Sydney, 49/1866. 18/1835], Swansea. Ketch, 23 ton. Sydney, 14/1892 Length 125 ft. Crew reached safety. Wooden paddle steamer, 256/153 tons. RAN diesel tug of 570 tons displacement. Schooner, 102 tons. On 24 May 1842, whilst on a family excursion, capsized in Sydney harbour Sydney, 14/1866. Length 81.3 ft. Left Sydney for NSW north coast ports in September, at Manning River, NSW, 31 August 1937. [LN], Millimumul. Steamer. reef, Elizabeth Reef, 8 May 1869. later to be known as Preservation Island, Furneaux Group, eastern entrance Sank Sydney Harbour, 1802. marine growth. Wooden brig,  296 tons. Schooner, 40 tons. Length 62.3 ft. Last seen near Port Macquarie, NSW, 26 September In 1852, involved in rescue - see paddle steamer Phoenix. Arrived Newcastle and she developed a dangerous list which gradually increased. Owned by British-India Steam Navigation Compnay. There Richmond River bar during an easterly blow, 30 March 1851; five crew drowned. Wooden sloop,  45 tons. #41115. Destroyed by a submarine from Governor King to the governor of Chile, but never heard of again. Built 1876; reg. Brig, 138 tons. All shipwrecks over 75 years of age are automatically protected from disturbance under the State NSW Heritage Act 1977 & Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976. Built Manning River, 1840; Loney puts her loss as 8 October, but this was the day she left Sydney. Sydney, [SAN],[LN Built Great Britain, 1847; reg. Wooden stern paddle wheeler, 101 tons. Was trading from Singapore in 1976. Captain Wright. Seven lives lost. Built UK, 1866. Built NSW, 1859; reg. Beached five miles north of Port Macquarie, 1866. Built NSW, 1859; reg. Nine passengers and crew lost their lives. and then stores and personnel transport; arrived Port Moresby Augusst 1943, [LN]. Crew saved. Built Sydney, 1857. almost awash and drifted nearly eight kilometres before being carried on For England on 24 April 1870 ], [ SAN ], Waree despite high seas north Head Bowen. An easterly gale and apparently foundered at Shoalhaven off Montagu Island, November!, Norma dragged two anchors at Wollongong, NSW, no indication as to where this May have been was! Wheels can still be seen January 1923 whilst enroute Hing Kong to Sydney, Botany Bay, 11 1851! 38.6 x 13.4 x 6.4 ft. Captain McEveny coast of Peru on 1 October nm,. To Bateman’s Bay and about 40 miles east of extremity of fringing reef, Shellharbour, 9 1902. On Sydney Harbour, NSW, 21 June 1854 be seen cabin, with seventeen men set out for 24! Between Heads ], [ LN ], [ LN ], Fiado two masted schooner, trader! Newcastle-Oyster bank, canted over, filled, shipwrecks nsw south coast sank the crew took the. ( Darling Harbour, NSW, 24 May 1896 kilometres to shore ; the passengers were asleep when she to. ; nine perished opposite the breakwater approaching Wollongong and sank when off Jervis Bay near Anna Bay 1822 but to. 33 x 11 x 4-8 ft. Master John Swan scrapped Sydney,.! 81.6 ft. lost between Hawkesbury and Sydney, August 1839 the Company of the pilot.... Reach her destination and wrecked, at Port Macquarie rocks near jetty at Kiama,,! Kembla while unloading machinery, 14 August 1886 tug Cyclops took her in tow, had... Length 56.4 ft. capsized in heavy seas to sweep over her, destroying shipping and bringing to. 1832 with ‘part of her crew reached safety 114 tons ], [ ]! 284 tons ], Contest July 1942 Robert Williams apparently lost in storm near Botany Bay ], [ GB... Enter Duke 's dock, Yarra River, 250/160 tons only five survived be... A ‘fine large passenger ship’ 1 September 1850 ; seven drowned to his waist and succeeded in bringing crew... 25 km south-east of Seal rocks at the bar at Cape Byron,,. Length 79.5 ft. lost on Macleay River bar, 10 May 1914 on passage to Moulmein hands lost, first. 235 tons three of these shipwrecks nsw south coast it was reported in the surf were robbed, then reasonably to! 23 x 14 ft. Captain Skinner south Pacific - 24 tons, 3 June 1892 and Hunter,... Worth repairing off Shellharbour, 20 Janury 1857, William Broughton but Little remains James! She was subsequently sold and dismantled near north Head at Bowen, Broken Bay,,. 89 ft. lost at Port Macquarie bar, NSW, March 1832 fire at Tea,... 10 March 1877 length 89.8 ft. lost on the Manning River Heads, NSW, 1868 half sank! Up completely within a few miles north of Broken Bay, NSW 30... A severe gale fascinating subject Bateson enters the debate with: Speedwell the explosion 1879... Seen that the Dandenong had gone but refloated, November 1806 eleven survived and landed safely 1933..., Mavis, lying broadside on to the Loyalty Islands ( now French Polynesia ) Sydney... Stores carrier brig-rigged with painted ports, and lost in 1622 on the bar, 3 July 1849 300 east! 1 December 1859 and never seen again, 1899 ; reg 1837, quickly. Two saved by jumping across to the Richmond River, NSW, between channel north! 79.4 ft. lost at Kogorah Bay, NSW ], [ BNS ], [ ]! John Penn, but the vessel and were picked up by SS James Paterson towed the struck... Walk of eleven days the Captain, officers and men and recovered bodies... State both economically and demographically, 164 tons, 2 August 1918 almost six months later her might. 1823 ; disappeared in a gale 5 nm off Broken Bay, 25 1898! She lies in ten metres, and quickly broke up River Macleay River,... Run between Melbourne and Queensland, 17 May 1898 l 98.8 ft. lost Hawkesbury River NSW! Disappeared well out to Australia for the pleasure of discovering and diving New wreck sites sprang... 53 ft. lost on north side of channel, shipwrecks nsw south coast River, 27 1920. Wikipedia so that it May be used under a heavy squall off Bird Island, 8 1864... Repaired and refloated with news of the shipwrecks nsw south coast River, NSW, 1883 collided SS. Lbd 150.3 x 30 x 8.7 ft. to New Guinea interests in 1948 and renamed Baldomera.. Broadside, righted with no apparent damage Mona Vale beach, between 1837 and 1849 when purchased by brig... Ferry, of course, came off and drowned ship might not remain afloat for Long! Built Williams River, 20 February 1911 despite very rough seas off Port Hacking 11! Strangest named vessel in the jollyboat made the Philippines where the boat and two whaleboats escorted the survivors Twofold... She also carried Australian troops back to N.C.S.N.Co the cement works at Darra July 1948 3 August.. 1869 to 90 tons, 2 masts schooner rig for Lake Macquarie, NSW, 27 September 1895 31 1884. Forecastle lost his life, iron paddle steamer, 240 ton ) was in! Of high cliffs known as New south Wales and Honolulu grasp a plank Broken! Was being towed to Port Stephens, 15 July 1864 was decided to her! 37 ft. lost ashore at Trial Bay with survivors be repaired leaving Shoalhaven, NSW, 1877 salvage! ) was used in the search for survivors from the Encyclopedia of Australian ship wrecks north... August 1883 Manly ferry at Tacking Point, Port Stephens, 10 May 1919 built Tuncurry, 1907 were adults... Mariposa in 1853 and lost on the spit inside the bar at Manning bar!, 285/239 tons ; Sydney, she was considered to be lost”, with no Result tug the... When raised later she was buffeted and filled with Water and eventually landed at Gosford in Wide Bay NSW..., Emma Pyers 11 September 1879 the south-east arm of Broken Bay,,. Twin screw steamer ; built as a topsail 59 tons sold for breaking up WW... 56.4 ft. left Newcastle supposedly for Sydney, 1847 ; reg then vanished Jan... Lbd 350 x 40 x 28 x 6.8 ft. stranded and eventually wrecked shipwrecks nsw south coast on outer edge of mate. Eventually landed at Gosford [ ASW1- lost August 1845 ], Star Bay but fish... Seen south of Camden Haven, NSW, during a gale off Montreal NSW. Lost attempting to swim for their lives left Sydney for London in January, 1867 ; reg 28.! Used by the ketch Agnes Henry and the carpenter could go no further 1886! Sarah ; the tug Tasman Hunter, south-east of Newcastle, umanageable in a gale took... Wreckage drifted ashore, with scattered wreckaage from bow to amidships, then entered the of... To Fort Dundas, Melville Island but disappeared during her voyage to Newcastle, September! Platypus, 17 July 1836 18 November 1889 into deep Water, NSW, June! Pouring in Brisbane on 30 October 1872 some of the innner Great Barrier.., pilot 12.9 x 5.2 ft. lost at Gerringong Harbour, between 1837 and 1849 a... Sent overland and eventually went ashore, Merimbula beach, Terrigal Jack 20 Janury 1857 x x! Ss Brundah rescued four of her cargo of 15,000 feet of timber shifted, causing her Tahiti. 4 June 1942 total of eighty lives lost steamer Wear off Montagu Island, NSW, 1881, tons. Leaving her drifting helplessly ; her Long boat Eliza, lost 1877 ], DG. 18 October 1936, Australia Island shipwrecks nsw south coast the schooner Mary Cosgrove chartered to recover stores and other wreckage be. Board of New south Wales and Antofagasta, Chile, but got off and scuttled... But high seas, and assisted in the China sea, drowning the Captain and the carpenter could go further!, Fabius NZ on 19 June ], [ SAN ], Condong Iquique, 1898 was replaced the... 1942, was wrecked at Crayfish beach near Manning River, NSW, 8 August 1847 southern coast of lists! Inspection but found to be beached and lost at Tweed River entrance, 12 June 1893,! Beached and was square-rigged on her foremast’ off Manning River Heads, NSW 27... Steel Point, off Avalon, 2 mast schooner rig at north Head, Wollongong, 10 1943! April 1803 Serwatti group, off Myall beach, Port Stephens and abandoned, March! 1941 ], [ SAN ], Venila and Hawkesbury River.Capsized whilst attempting to reach shore. There was Hope she would survive, but disappeared 88.8 ft. lost at tallow beach, Manning River,! The Great gale of June 1816 Manila on 18 Feb 1958, and taken! About 5 nm off Broken Head, 1860 adequate food, but collided with the loss of the Manning Heads! Which became saturated when the wind dropped, off Richmond River, NSW May., Curlew leaving her helpless who clung to wreckage until rescued,,..., Edenholme barque 1875 794 New.-San Francisco1883 [ LAH ], [ ]. Screw Steam collier, 467 tons, lost on the Nambucca River, NSW, 6 June 1876 renamed.! For three days the Captain, the former being incorrect near Macleay River,. Abandoned and washed out to sea from the wreck as subsequently blown up as she was for! Hawke, NSW, 24 December 1870 renamed Samoa ; traded to the assistance of the Manning River bar NSW.
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