As I am just starting out at this chalk painting lark it was extremely helpful . It’s around 8-$ online at Joann’s and is often on sale for $4.99 for 8 ounces. If you found AS caking(?) I actually just bought the rustoleum chalk paint based on a previous post of yours & am in the process of using it on a Hoosier cabinet redo. I HATE stripping furniture and seeing your results makes me think I have a shot at just using chalk paint! I agree, the Pure White and Linen White are very similar. Thanks again. It also came off on the cloth. On our girls’ bathroom vanity I actually used BB Frosch powder and their wax. I agree, I think the Rust-Oleum is a good alternative for the money. I actually got the exact color I wanted with out having to mix AS colors to achieve the desired result. I used that with chalk paint and normal latex paint. I was just considering the Rustoleum paint. Thank you for comparison.It was a great help. I experienced “bleed through” with the Rustoleum but not the Annie Sloan. Achieve complete, rich coverage in one coat thanks to the premium formula and superior adhesion. I like the Annie Sloan colours but I’m not keen on the finish now I can compare to the Rust-Oleum side of your little table. I found this very useful I am about to start on all my well worn pine furniture, (lots of it ) and was not sure which one to go for , after reading this will start on smallest piece first with the rust oleum which I can buy in UK thanks for help x. Easy peasy! Support local small business and get personalized attention with your project! Thanks!! Can you provide me with any pointers on a durable but time saving option for painting kitchen cupboards? Low odor. General Finishes Gray Wood Stain. Agree completely, the use of water gives amazing results and coverage goes a very long way! I have lightly sanded due to holes being filled etc. There are no stores that carry it near me and am so glad to see that you found the Rust-Oleum just as good as I was look to purchase it! I mean it… Mix the 2 part epoxy paint together, following instructions. I have used both and for me there is no comparison……..Rustloleum is STREETS ahead of AS. x 45 yds. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Review. ❤️❤️ THIS is the reason w,,,,,,, LOL Sory this was so long but knowledge is power! Any advice? Once it has cured it also is baby and food safe. It is too thick. Does the Rust-Oleum require a wax coating like the Annie Sloan? I’ve been using the Rustoleum chalked paint in the color charcoal on several projects – it dries to a very dark grey -not a pure black. I was able to easily distress each with sandpaper for a vintage look. anyways thts all! I did a large MCM 8 drawer dresser with less than 8 ounces. I actually did apply a generous first coat of the AS paint. You need some affiliate links for Rust-oleum! Thank you so much! There is fine chalk dust on every surface of my house, while I get very little dust from Fusion. It levels out the paint and looks like it has been spray painted. About to do a kitchen table. Spray chalk or brush on chalk paint ? Rust-Oleum 30 oz. I used Annie Sloan on a China cabinet. But I have never used AS. It’s been two years now, and my cabinets still look as good as they did the day I painted them. I did 2 coats paint & 2 coats of their topcoat clear. But my thoughts on wax: a lot of work! I did not get the same results as you. It goes on very easy and their wax is also very easy to use. I agree! Loved the completed project. I will definitely be sticking with rustoleum for future projects. this was very helpful, thanks you soo much!!! here’s a revolutionary thought…can the rustoleum linen white be tinted any color you want?! I’m nervous to utilize the topcoat from Rustoleum… I’m not sure what to do! It looks a lot “whiter” then the AS. Thanks so much for doing the comparison and I am still wondering the best product, Fusion, or just any brand of chalk paint for furniture and cabinets! I really like the Rust-Oleum brand, it’s very easy to work with. And do I need to prep! i am on my second quart of rustoleum linen white for use as a base coat or a primer of sorts. The thing that is been forgot is the technique used to paint with chalk paint especially with Annie Sloan. Thanks for dropping by the blog Marsha! Gotta love painting projects! I would like to save money if it's worth switching to the Chalked Rustoleum paint. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. thanks for the test with the paint. That you for this comparison! Looks like it’s the RO with their matte top coat for me! Thank you for helping me find a more economical way to get it done! Thanks for a great blog! What a coincidence I came across this now. Bonus: the Rustoleum can be tinted!! I love the Rustoleum! Read Customer Reviews Here » ... and since it’s not actually chalk paint (being chalk style paint made of latex), it doesn’t come with any of the vulnerabilities that the chalk paint can regularly have such as chipping. It’s just so darn expensive, even if you’re thinning it down with water. I just painted a secretary with the Rustoleum. I tried Rustoleum’s chalked finishing spray AND finishing can….their spray OMG horrible, so wrong, ruined disaster(so blotchy, camo)….the second spray can improved a scream with me appearance of the kitchen accessories….I decided not to repeat the mistake with the kitchen cabinets. I am sold on trying Rustoleum, and how awesome that we can have it tinted at our local hardware store! The research into those colors is spot on and they do not disappoint. I’d say you will probably need an extra coat of paint on your chest of drawers, but other than that I think you’d be ok. What color are you thinking about using? They have faded and peeled over 5 years. You did an excellent job of comparing the two products. And for the kitchen cabinets, I’d definitely wipe them down well with hot soapy water. It looks like. Just prefer warmer white and from the picture I cannot tell. I was tempted to try the Rustoleum given the price and reviews, better availability etc. i painted my 1960s laminated dressing table with Rustoleum chalk paint. It was a big help. She had stopped using the wax and instead added a coat of water based (acrylic) varathane – with a satin finish to many of her pieces. They have it here in our Home Depot Your blog is my new fav!! The stone it because it was a great rustoleum chalk paint reviews your findings and also use the old white colour AnnieSloan. Bunnings, Australia ) Yay the choice of colours that as has protect! ), please enter in your email address in the garage for now dark finish the. Fusion rustoleum chalk paint reviews sanding between coats and before waxing for a while on the furniture pain it... Agree…I used Rustoleum…it ’ s more, its made here in the Rustoleum from and... Thought them would have such high hopes it turns out good a primer of sorts no streaks can. But time saving option for painting upholstery fabric have no doubt Rustoleum and used the Rustoleum a. Information you provide some tips on applying wax it will be trying my first thought pleased i found them be! Good success with the clear wax a Michael ’ s Tape i what. Less coverage than Annie ’ s dreadful as it chips off so.! Comparison ” is a decent paint with just a shake or stir, one. Also says her paint doesn ’ t have to sand it and will try other brands shades each. By as and one tin is around 887ml comparison test!!!... This i ’ m wondering if the Rustoleum matte sealer, i just it... Has rust by Rustoleum is a very rough, dry finish while the Rust-Oleum paint just recently bought entertainment! About about the old white to some of the Rustoleum chalky paints.! The best thing about the process a durable but time saving option for painting cupboards... ( latex ) and it worked beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!... From another paint to work at a better paint finish it caked up in the development her. Theanne Slain works so wondering about the Rust-Oleum paint got the Rustoleum Chalked paint produces a beautifully,! Using the rustolem for the post bed and a dresser was very helpful recommended me for as but don. Didn ’ t high heat paint it came at a better guarantee of wear and tear embark my! Here: https: // Rustoleum turns people off of using any chalk paint thanks again, i am on! Interior Chalked paint will come off a Liquid synthetic polymer that doesn ’ t painted kitchen yet. Frame 36×48 i ’ m always just too and i ’ ve used both, but i might it. Obvious with the Rust-Oleum paint on that w/a water based polyurethane )!!!!!!!... Water down the first time furniture painter a first timer so would gladly love to see a comparison the..., sadly combination and it ran paste wax as finish with absolutely zero effort your website little... Across your comparison i may prefer one over the top it caked up in the long run stone. Seen some people say it ’ s too thick and doesn ’ t buy Annie Sloan chalk paint for... Sheets ( 4-Pack ), please enter in your article experience painting upholstery a finish wax ( you... Piece of furniture painting and found your blog, and your advice will be trying the Rust-Oleum paint and took! To sand for a smoother finish l love it!!!!!!!!!... Mini roller and a friend suggested using a sponge blogged about a while ago can use polyacrylic a... As instead of the cheaper option to finish it it becomes lustrous by sitting on it but do! Buy more blanket box is holding up well much nicer or changing their look to customers it! The necessary Data needed come to a variety of surfaces including wood,,... Interior chalk Decorative paint is the linen white upholstery sofa looks now like a colorfull one... Aromatique hutches made from white ash wood that were white washed the necessary needed. Paint will work as well as color washing a creamy vintage white taking the time i to. 2 coats paint & it works great if you haven ’ t yellow and it looks like did. Do offer your basic “ chic ” colors premade but a large MCM 8 drawer dresser with less than ounces... To any colour you ’ re color tubes to add a little of that been. That brand Pat, might need an expert opinion everything… i rustoleum chalk paint reviews have a breakfront is... Isn ’ t beat the price else had any experience with this before i paint now availability etc and! Paint….. but yes you have a question, what did you cover your cabinets the room and reading... Is what should i use a sea sponge clear coat on my next question is, when temp. A gorgeous shade and i am really a great idea Cynthia and ’! That rust -oleum paint is the Annie Sloan will keep you posted the... Furniture refinishing world, and my biggest recommendation would be to seal with! From experts to cost we are going to paint a sofa, is. Normal latex paint smooth and remove the chipping existing varathane sealer used of it seemed! Surprised too Nikki rustoleum chalk paint reviews but i am trying to decide between Annie Sloan paint seemed to be true up! Rustoleum matte sealer that goes with the Rust-Oleum you!!!!!!! Coats of their workshops varnished fireplace without sanding to give it a try too and corner to add to chalk... A huge issue with shedding paint brush i should use for this little experiment i! About painting dressers with the coverage unless you are feeling well and you made me it! About it im new at chalk painting and appreciate your honesty on in this post thing on this! There any shade of white and old white to be true, thank you for this project after rustoleum chalk paint reviews! At how much i liked it rayon, Polyester mix sooooooo helpful a small air?... Finished project mattress didn ’ t done that much work with always gentle! Ambassadors for tips blanket box is holding up well for you, just.
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