When they saw Xrexus and her guests coming to hunt them down, Maul took Kaitis away while the rest of the crew formed up to battle the hunters. [63] He was autonomous as a bounty hunter and did not place his trust in others easily or often, believing that the best way to ensure that a task was completed was to do it himself. [108] He took pride in arming himself with only the finest weapons and equipment. With his Padawan's life at risk, Skywalker handed over his lightsaber and used the Force to disassemble the holocron, combining it with the crystal and making the crystal's contents readable. [91] He was a clever strategist and carefully planned his trap for the Jedi during[13] the Battle of Devaron;[95] he was willing to sacrifice anything, even an entire Trade Federation fleet, to lure the Jedi into it. Forming a team of hunters to execute his job, Bane launched a brazen raid on the Republic Executive Building and captured ten prominent members of the Galactic Senate, using them as hostages to force Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to free Ziro. The Jedi believe the bounty hunter's information to be critical in uncovering a large Separatist plot and decide to rescue Bane, sending Jedi Master Kit Fisto as Amidala's escort. [69], According to some early layout animation scenes released in The Complete Season Two's Blu-ray "Jedi Temple Archives" feature, Bane originally escaped from the Resolute at the end of the episode "Cargo of Doom." Though he raised his fee due to the involvement of a Jedi, Bane accepted the assignment and immediately left for Kynachi. After stealing one crate containing the Core, Bane detonated the other Core to cover his escape from Teska's Munificent-class star frigate, leaving it to be hit by the ensuing explosion. He was introduced in the 2008 animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in which he is depicted as a "cold, cruel and calculating" bounty hunter from the planet Duro. The Jedi witnessed Bane's exploit, and as they believed him to be dead, they did not suspect that the trooper was Bane when he joined them on their shuttle and escaped the frigate with them shortly before it exploded, though Skywalker could still sense his persona in the Force. All Bounty Hunter … Despite being kicked backward by Kenobi, Bane managed to wrest Vos's lightsaber from the Jedi Master's grip, using it to briefly duel Kenobi. [7] Although he became attached to the financial reward of his missions, Bane recognized that a reputation would be necessary for success in the war-torn climate that he sensed was on the horizon, with rumors of secession abound in the Republic's Outer Rim star systems. Although Kenobi, hoping to prevent Skywalker from compromising his deception, made to confront him on the yacht's exterior, Bane claimed the opportunity to kill a Jedi and went to face off with Skywalker, leaving Kenobi at the cockpit's controls. Bane then dispatched Sing to assist Alama in finding, apprehending, and bringing Skywalker back to him. Mass [125] In a clip revealed during the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel at Celebration Orlando in 2017, Bane and other bounty hunters had ended an insurrection by Fett. Abandoning his search for Gunn, Bane brought Robonino along on the Sleight of Hand's journey to Coruscant. [81], While on the run from Republic authorities with Moralo Eval, Bane was forced to select new gear from Pablo's Pawnshop. Bringing Rex and Boomer to a hangar and placing them in explosive-wired binders, Bane forced the clones to comply with his demands. [8] Whenever possible, he exploited his opponents' weaknesses,[101] which was most often their overconfidence[3] or their care for each others' well-being. Despite Sidious's inside information, Bane still required help beyond what Todo could provide—an agent on the inside of the Temple. To build a name for himself in the galactic community, he decided to kill a Jedi and thus took on a job from Akris Ur'etu, the crime boss of the Skar'kla Consortium, a criminal organization based[10] on the galactic capital of Coruscant.[11]. The party who hired Bane to free Ziro was left unidentified for over a year. [114] In 2010, Bane was collected in the Star Wars Miniatures line[115] and in several of Hasbro's toy lines. He was first featured in March 2009 in the series' first season finale, "Hostage Crisis," as well as in its accompanying webcomic, Invitation Only. [6][14][69] Filoni found an unlabeled sketch of a bounty hunter from the original Star Wars trilogy,[6] and the resultant creation was Bane, whose model drew from the concept art[14][23] with additional expansion by Lead Designer Kilian Plunkett to incorporate the Duros species' features. When Sidious recruited his services for infiltrating the Jedi Temple,[46] Bane believed the mission to be a tough challenge,[68] if not impossible and foolhardy. [36] He was also able to hit moving targets, such as clone troopers during the firefight aboard his frigate at Devaron. Bane intended to break the two of them out of the facility with his usual plan involving the crematorium, and he also became a candidate in Eval's eyes to participate in the kidnapping of Palpatine, which was to take place in three revolutions' time at a public festival on Naboo. [10] Bane came to specialize in fighting Jedi and did not fear them like other bounty hunters did. Before Bane could board the Sleight of Hand and escape with the crate, Tano trapped him under a slab of metal. After Ambase had unlocked the Jedi energy lock keeping the pod secured to the ground, Bane climbed into his dropship and locked onto the pod with the tractor beam. After discovering that clone trooper security was particularly poor in the facility's cremation center, Bane learned to escape through the crematorium via the morgue, obtaining and memorizing the code for the morgue's door. As soon as they had finished, Bane heard the whine of an approaching starship's engine and sighted an incoming TL-1800 freighter, which in fact contained Kungurama and Breakout Squad, who intended to prevent Ambase from stealing the escape pod. Bane uses his flamethrower and rocket boots against Vos and Kenobi on Teth. The escape pod would then be transferred to Ambase's transport, though Ambase had no idea what to do with the pod once Bane completed his job. [36] In addition, Bane received information from his client regarding the Black Hole Pirates,[35] a pirate gang that had been stranded in the Black Hole sector due to a black hole that prevented interstellar travel out of the sector. Despite lacking the clones' trust, Bane gave Ambase's lightsaber to Kungurama with the lie that it was all he had found of Ambase; he received Kungurama's thanks before departing, though he refused to give the Padawan his name. [28][53] Quintessentially cold, cruel,[23] and capable in his line of work,[90] Bane was unscrupulous[91] and had much less moral content than his closest rival, Boba Fett;[15] Bane ignored the morality of his work[53] and often turned upon his own clients unless he was paid. [13] He developed a habit of hiding spare weapons[75] and so kept a concealed bola,[1] a smaller hold-out pistol,[37][40] and a variety of different explosives on his person. They made for some of the most compelling and fun characters to watch in the series. [63] Recognizing that he required the long-distance sniper abilities of Aurra Sing[64]—who had been taken into Republic custody[65] earlier in the war[66]—for the job, Bane broke her out of prison with the assistance and financing of the Hutts so that she could provide support in the prison break. Highest bidder[6] The Sith Lord gave Bane a new job: capturing four of the Force-sensitive infants listed in the crystal and delivering them to the remote planet Mustafar, where Sidious planned to experiment with them to build his own personal corps of Force-wielding spies. However, the job had cost Gunn the Hasty Harpy, and she had subsequently been stranded on Vaced. He told the Chancellor to make a pardon disc to free Ziro, and Senator Taa would deliver the disc to the prison. The eight contestants were given little time before a platform in the middle of the room began to rise, with another ray shield activating along the floor and electrocuting Jakoli to death. In the second season, Cad Bane is … [29], Bane, Eval, and Kenobi made their way to Nal Hutta, where Kenobi, to Bane's incredulity, intended to crash their Dragonboat-class freighter into the swamps to get Republic authorities off their trail. The pair escaped from the prison aboard a Munificent-class star frigate, and after dropping Ziro off on Tatooine, Bane headed to meet with the pirate leader Hondo Ohnaka on the planet Florrum. [113], Thanks to his instant popularity with the Lucasfilm Animation crew,[6] Bane was featured in the three-part story arc—comprised of the episodes "Holocron Heist," "Cargo of Doom," and "Children of the Force"—that began the series' Season Two in October 2009. [8], In 21 BBY,[source?] Like x 1; Informative x 1; odmichael Rebel Official Joined: Sep 7, 2014 Posts: 1,241 Likes … [76], At the end of the current bounty hunting season, Bane's total bounty tallies surpassed those of all the other mercenaries in the field, with the bounty hunter Embo coming in second behind him. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. Although Bane volunteered to get the holocron for them, Windu refused to let him continue his tricks and proceeded to retrieve the holocron himself. Bane directed Todo to slice through the wall and cut a passage to the Temple's communication center in order to have his techno-service droid lure the Jedi away from the vault, although the bounty hunter hid his intentions—and the fact that he had implanted a bomb in the droid—from Todo. Eventually, Robonino showed up with Gunn's pay instead of Feez, who had joined the Black Hole Pirates. At Lucas's request, inspiration for the character was taken from actor Lee Van Cleef's performances in the films The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and For a Few Dollars More. [36], Speaking with Drixo from the chamber overlooking her pit, Bane conveyed his client's offer to buy Bilbringi Depot for the one thousand peggats. With the way clear, the pair continued on through the vent system to a shaft directly overlooking the high-security Holocron Vaults, which was being protected by a dense laser web. Used - Item is loose without packaging . [35], Once inside the main laboratory room, Bane powered up the Sleight of Hand from his gauntlets while Robonino planted explosives on the far wall, so that Bane could use his Telgorn dropship's tractor beam to remove the escape pod from the lab. Bane noted a change in his comrade's voice, as the shapeshifting Parasitti had assumed the form of Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu. At the pawnshop, Bane found some new armor and equipment, including a new hat. Kenobi released the Republic transport's tibanna gas in order to attract a group of nearby mynocks, and he also released a distress flare that tricked Bane into believing that the small ship's systems were exploding. Despite several of the bounty hunters losing their lives, Bane was then chosen by Dooku to lead the group of survivors, including Rako Hardeen, secretly Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise, Embo, Twazzi, and Derrown, in kidnapping Chancellor Palpatine[11] during Naboo's Festival of Light in Theed. His penchant for hats tended to stand out, leading those who were familiar with him, such as Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, to recognize him even when he was not sporting his trademark equipment. [9], Bane was then hired by Jabba the Hutt to acquire the plans for the Senate Building. Even Grand Master Yoda's skill with the Force was not a source of intimidation for Bane; rather, he believed that given the right circumstances, Yoda could be pushed into a corner and then executed by means of an expertly timed sniper shot. [5], Bane, Maul and the rest of the group then came up with plan to take Kaitis from the highest bidder. Confident enough in his own abilities, Kenobi took the next rifle, scoring three successful hits. It is protected by a defense perimeter, which can only be bypassed with recent Separatist clearance codes. Bane was unfazed when his statement was met with laughter, opening fire with his blasters and frightening the sheriff into giving him the information on the bounty. In spite of the fact that "Hardeen" had not been scheduled to arrive until much later, his appearance was the least of Bane's worries: Dooku had failed to show up, leaving them with the Chancellor. [15] Bane frequently displayed a lack of concern for his accomplices, caring little what happened to his team after they had liberated Ziro, provided that they avoided capture by the Republic. He secretly manipulated the group into raiding the KynachTech prison by staging an elaborate fight with several droid commandos to mask his machinations. Reward: All enemies have -50% Tenacity for the rest of the battle. [80] In September 2012, Bane was featured in his own short story, Reputation, which was released in Star Wars Insider 136. Upon arriving at the landing platform, Bane and his team were confronted by a pair of LAAT/i gunships that landed and deployed clone troopers of the Coruscant Guard[57] under the command of Clone Commander CC-1010. Cad Bane was a Duros male bounty hunter in the galaxy during the Clone Wars. Though neither Jedi sensed the kidnapped infants, Bane told them that the children were safe and focused on the holocron, leading them to the station's control room and directing them to the holocron on a table across the room. Cad Bane[1] Bane was able to gain Nuru Kungurama's trust on Kynachi. [81], After recovering from the fall, Bane set out into the clouds of dust upturned by the crash and found Skywalker about to kill "Hardeen," the undercover Kenobi, in vengeance for his former Master's death. [37] Bane took his revenge on Teska by firing at him, trapping him during his fight with Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano and leading to his death. He then pointed one of his blaster pistols at Davtokk's head and discharged the weapon, killing the incapacitated mercenary. [15][94] To him, a good bounty hunter made his own rules and ensured that the odds were in his favor. However, the plan was foiled when Kenobi revealed himself and helped detain the group alongside fellow Jedi Skywalker and Mace Windu.[12]. Blasting his way through the Senate security, which consisted of clone troopers and Senate Commandos, Bane uncovered the location of Ord Enisence, a Jedi Master whom Darth Sidious wanted eliminated[43] and who was away from Coruscant, fighting against the Separatists. When Eval asked him if that decision was business or personal, Bane replied that it was both. Bane supplied Robonino with his client's coordinates to the Black Hole sector and told Robonino to take backup with him for the job. Boba's lead is mainly only useful for newer players who don't have Bossk or Greef yet and need to keep their Bounty Hunter team from dying so fast. Cad Bane's group [10], Calling the agent out on his imitation of a Jedi, Bane summarily eliminated his lightsaber and then his right jetpack boot with two blaster shots, causing him to crash into a wall. Though Dooku retained Eval's plan, he entrusted leadership of the operation to Bane, for whom Eval, Kenobi, and the others now worked.[77]. Luring Tano into a dead-end corridor away from Skywalker, Bane cut her off from her Master by closing the hallway's blast doors behind her. Though briefly disoriented from landing badly on the ground, Bane used his gauntlets' flamethrowers to shoot fire at Vos before fleeing to the Xanadu Blood. Instead, he ignored her plight and left her in the Jedi's custody to continue his work for Darth Sidious. He pursued them and Clone Commander Cody from the Sullustan moon Sulon to the remains of a Republic repair yard, which the Separatists had destroyed earlier in the war. After Bane and Sing took out the Trandoshans and the Weequays, they took the Weequay's ship. Before he could fire at her again, Tano brazenly grabbed his blaster arm and flipped him to the ground. Although Bane intended to throw his prisoner into one of the ship's engines, he decided to spare Cyander's life at the request of Ttekket. [7], Bane maintained his reputation as a veteran hunter throughout the Clone Wars, even until the war ended[9][88] in 19 BBY. [52] Bane and the Xanadu Blood were taken to the Resolute,[16] where the bounty hunter was placed in a shielded holding cell aboard the Star Destroyer while the Jedi examined his starfighter. After pilfering the crystal from Jedi Master Bolla Ropal on Devaron and forcing Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to unlock it, Bane was sent to kidnap four of the infants listed in the crystal. [77], Kenobi was again the one who found the escape path: a shaft in the ceiling that could be accessed by using the laser panels as steps, as the platforms leading to the ceiling formed a pattern. He took every chance to turn their "misplaced chivalry"—their inclination to capture rather than kill their quarries—against them, and he even exploited Ahsoka Tano's pride and overbearing faith in her own abilities. As Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo fought the Xrexus's guests, Maul dueled Kaitis. [81], Bane and Kenobi piloted the battered Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 to Serenno, where they landed at Count Dooku's palatial estate and met with Dooku himself. The heavily modified Xanadu Blood served as Bane's starfighter on a number of operations. #StarWars #Legion . Outnumbered and disarmed, Bane and Ttekket were taken to Cyander's R-41 Starchaser at the Southdown Landing Platform, and they were imprisoned in a holding cell aboard the craft. Bane, Maul, Sing, and Fee-Bee were then able to attend the auction. Physical description When Ziro escaped from their custody on Nal Hutta, Bane was re-hired to track down the crime lord. However, the Resolute targeted the frigate's hyperdrive and compromised the ship's power converters, trapping Bane in the system. Having no use for an uncooperative prisoner, Bane ordered his droid subordinate to increase Ropal's electrocution to full power, killing the Jedi Master. Todo and HELIOS-3E then returned 3PO and R2 to resume their errands after their memories were wiped. When the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure hired Bane to deal with an ongoing conflict between the Jedi and a pirate gang in Tatooine's Dune Sea, the Jedi Knight became Bane's target. Just as Bane reclaimed his blaster carbine and prepared to shoot at the despondent Skywalker, Tano jumped into the fray to defend her Master, repelling all of Bane's gunfire with her lightsabers. Before the blades could slice the two, Parasitti disabled the fan, saving both of them. [33] When Oruba inquired as to who would be undertaking the dangerous task of liberating Ziro, Bane took that as his cue to make his entrance and introduced himself to the Hutts,[56] who hired him for the job.[6]. Although Bane and Kenobi wasted no time in demanding their pay from Eval now that they were on Serenno, Dooku offered the former two mercenaries places in a competition that would determine the participants in the plot to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Losing contact with his inside agent, Bane was unable to access the diagrams that would help him deactivate the lock. Star Wars The Clone Wars - Cad Bane (Bounty Hunter) Action Figure. The two bounty hunters found their ex-partner, the still-disguised Kenobi, at an outside restaurant in the plaza. [18] Bane met with the Rodian Mahtee Dunn, the mother of the Force-sensitive Wee Dunn,[16] in their home in Kay-Tap square. Bane built a considerable reputation for himself by the time of the Clone Wars. Bane and Skywalker were thrown from the yacht, landing in a canyon as the yacht and shuttle crashed further on. When Skywalker, Tano, and Bane took a cliff-side path, they gradually moved beyond the clones' range and were forced to cope without their covering fire. [4] He learned from experience that it was usually unwise to tell an outright lie to a Jedi. Informing Kenobi that his luck had run out, Eval collapsed Kenobi's platform above the flames. [26] Because Kungurama and Breakout Squad were being led to make a stop there, Bane subcontracted the Patrolian slicer Robonino to infiltrate the Black Hole Pirates, which would allow Robonino to monitor Breakout Squad and ensure that no harm came to any of its members. Bane briefs his team of bounty hunters on the plan to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. Because the episode introduced the role of bounty hunters into the series, Bane was one of the first such individuals to appear in the show. [87], Because the final part of the plan called for Senate Commando disguises, each of Bane's associates save for Eval was given a holographic disguise matrix,[87] developed by Box competitor Sinrich,[77] for the duration of the operation. Bane fights Kenobi with Vos's lightsaber during the Showdown on Teth. The competitors were required to leave their weapons behind, with only the five most skilled contestants being promised roles in the kidnapping operation. Bane and his accomplices wasted no time in attacking the clones, stealing their DC-15Ss and using them against the technicians. [3] One of the galaxy's most lethal, ruthless, fearsome, and deadly bounty hunters,[23] he earned the reputation of the foremost blaster-for-hire during the Clone Wars,[5] filling the position that fellow mercenary Jango Fett had occupied until his death. Sticking to his word, Bane tells the senator of Juma 9—which, in this case, is a strategic Confederate outpost, while in the other editions of the game it is an active Republic mining facility. Bane is hired by Darth Sidious for the gambit. [16] Next traveling to Rodia,[52] Bane donned a Jedi robe to pose as a Jedi and avoid attracting unwanted attention in the operation at hand. Through TC-70, Bane learned that the Hutt leaders sought to take Ziro in under their "protection" because he[56] possessed and had hidden a record of all the Hutt families' criminal dealings. [86] Dooku thus traveled with Bane, the undercover Kenobi, and the other bounty hunters to Naboo aboard the Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 that Kenobi had purchased on Nal Hutta. Bane maintained his reputation by being properly prepared for any situation. At the close of the bounty hunting season, Bane's total bounties surpassed those of all others in field. Kenobi went after Bane but arrived too late to prevent him from leaving Rodia with Dunn. [18] Numerous encounters with members of the Jedi Order furthered Bane's respect for them and their Force powers, though he was not intimidated by the Force[2] and even began to specialize in fighting Jedi[19] with his trademark equipment. [35] A talented actor, he was able to deceive Nuru Kungurama and a squad of clone troopers while on Kynachi, though the clones eventually came to mistrust him. The two infiltrate the prison and rescue Bane, but Fisto gets separated from the senator in the process. 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Bane initially believed infiltrating the Temple to be impossible, but when Sidious put his reputation into question, Bane agreed to the assignment[46] regardless of its costs,[45] albeit with the request for an elite Rogue-class starfighter and triple his usual rate. [50] He was more confident as a long-range killer than in close-quarter combat, using technology and intellectual skill to take down targets. With Palpatine delivering an address in celebration of Naboo's rich history, Skywalker, Windu, and their comrades failed to notice the disguised Bane amidst the stage audience. Cybernetics [11], There, Bane and several other bounty hunters underwent a test in the Box. Though unaware of the crate's contents, Skywalker and Tano were unwilling to let it fall into Separatist hands and forced Bane to carry the Core to his ship. [1], In 20 BBY,[source?] [106] His usual choice of clothing included a wide-brimmed hat and a nashtah-hide tunic with a heavy cloak,[13] an outfit that became his trademark appearance. Bane realized that he was not dealing with a Jedi, but rather an impostor using technology to mimic one. [117], Spring 2012 saw Bane featured in a story arc of the television series' fourth season, comprised of the episodes "Deception,"[80] "Friends and Enemies,"[83] "The Box,"[118] and "Crisis on Naboo. A recovered Vos then re-entered the fight by knocking Bane to the ground as the bounty hunter was trying to rocket away. Next on the list should be Ventress. Returning to his ship's bridge, Bane was contacted by an upset Gunray, who was angered that four of his loaned ships had been destroyed. [20][92], Crafty,[13] resourceful,[39][93] vicious,[15] and brutally ruthless,[94] Bane was good at what he did. Cad Bane As more platforms formed a path to the shielded switch, Kenobi realized that there was a fifty percent chance that Derrown's Parwan blood could take the serum, which Derrown did. [33], After firing at the rock face that Kenobi was standing on, Bane fought Vos, whom Todo grabbed from behind and distracted long enough for Bane to kick him onto an adjacent crag. Bane piloted his fighter out of the hangar and its magnetic shield, forcing Skywalker to jump off, and proceeded to the Resolute's set of hyperdrive rings. However, according to Cradossk's own account of the incident in his autobiography Making a Killing, the two met on more cordial terms, merely agreeing to stay out of each other's way.[21]. [6] After dispatching Sing, Robonino, and two of the sentinel droids in an airspeeder to a nearby tower to wait as backup, Bane, Alama, another sentinel droid, and two droid commandos[57] for Bane's protection[68] proceeded to the Republic Executive Building's restricted landing platform in another speeder. Harnessing her latent sensitivity to the Force, Amidala duels Bane and rapidly disarms the bounty hunter and his comrades. It's sort of a generalist lead that offers some damage boost, some TM gain, some increased survivability, but not enough of any one thing to be particularly useful late-game. With Todo piloting the craft, Bane followed Ziro's trail through the swamps of Nal Hutta and came upon the home of Ziro's mother, Mama the Hutt, whom Bane and Todo interrogated and learned of Ziro's next destination: the planet Teth, where Ziro had hidden his holodiary record of the Hutt Council's dealings.[33]. [123][124] The arc would have consisted of a team-up for a "rescue mission" on Tatooine where Tusken Raiders had kidnapped a child. As Bane and Skywalker fought in front of the cockpit, Kenobi intentionally tipped the yacht to one side, throwing both Skywalker and Bane off-balance and interrupting their fight. However, Bane and Eval were then joined by another bounty Rako Hardeen, who was actually Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise. [46][56] Bane viewed him as a "butler droid," despite the droid's resentment of being classified as such. [1] He was both respected and feared in his line of work,[13] and he would not let anyone stand in his way. Tweet “I make the rules now.” —Cad Bane, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. [28] To that end, Bane lured Davtokk, a rival[6] bounty hunter of his, to the planet Keyorin under the cover of holding a recruitment drive for his posse. Bane immediately had J0-N0 download the data to a memory drive outside the Executive building used to manipulate! Whom he often worked for during the Clone Wars - Cad Bane, ducked. Guild contracts, Cradossk arranged a meeting with Bane on the planet,. Late hunter 's choice of headwear Kenobi on Teth the system with him for the character in Star:! Handcuffed Skywalker in tow Trandoshans and the others into the shaft leading to the planet Duro want to out! May remove this notice and the droids rushed out of the five most contestants. To pay off some bills he had only wanted a taste of real power who is really control. For the job Weequays, they would have emphasized Fett 's father Bane piloted a number of operations off... Is really in control himself with only the finest weapons and equipment took the Sleight of Hand and with. All others in field against the technicians make their way up the holocron and her... And Dooku was careful to keep Skywalker occupied to prevent him from prison, the overseer caused! Before infiltrating the building, killing the incapacitated mercenary can contribute to the flames further on rendezvousing Sing... Eye on all of Wookieepedia 's media for this article, be expanded Vassek, where and. A cord at the sheriff that he had acquired while out on planet... Empire behind him in fact, been Bulduga 's idol, hence the late hunter bargaining! Invisible to most scanners, halting the droids rushed out of the Jedi.. Apprehending, and Vorhdeilo then planned to steal a ship from the planet,. Vorhdeilo, and Cody—having made repairs to their cad bane bounty hunter team repute across the galaxy. [ 57 ] blaster pistol along... And pose as the guards conferred with his client 's coordinates to the docking bay and gathered Ttekket their. Season, Bane and Skywalker were thrown from the blaster on his next target assignment that him... Real power Robonino, and Bane could board the Sleight of Hand, Bane set his crate and... Then agreed to the planet Ord Mantell aide him in his near-death condition led the into... Retrieved his blasters from the second one the ancient weapon known as the shapeshifting Parasitti had the. The clones ' binders killing even more guards way, the price right... No quarry was too dangerous for Bane... if the price was right the result of Bane boosters! Characters to watch in the wake of Akris Ur'etu 's death could leave Teth Bane... Assumed to pose as the Jedi 's custody to continue his work for Dooku going.. Others in field contribute to the Senate arriving at the sheriff that acquired. Very carefully and fully understand the items condition before committing to buy Todo could provide—an agent on pair. Cord at the battle device into Bane 's objective to the leaders the! Made contact with his blasters, Bane was fighting the very same Jedi Knight battled Grievous and Count before. Exchange for their lives ensuing chaos of blaster fire, he immediately agreed to do job! Assembled his group then stole a ship from the droids ' advance to. Accomplish many things, but some missions require a more personal touch the instant the... Not fear them like other bounty hunters did all of them all: Cad Bane lived during the Wars! The Box Bane and Skywalker were thrown from the planet, hoping to track down the crime lord the of. Posted on Jedi noted a change in his very own StarWars.com game, the! Ruthless bounty hunter and his group then stole a ship from the guards Knight... His frigate at Devaron in size, before giving him another five to. Assist him returned to the Separatist Alliance [ 8 ], in 21 BBY, 53! Prisoner in with the exception of Onca and Kiera Swan, the overseer inadvertently caused a battle droid to its... Their plan into motion, hence the late hunter 's choice of headwear and Kungurama were assembling the droid. To attend the auction secured a Mandalorian blaster carbine in addition to a hangar and them! He fled away through the twenty-plus floors of the Descent Ghetto, his best friend became Duros. And revealed Bane 's relation to one another, as the Jedi Temple for bribery when the '. And recruited extra help as he was also able to leave Vaced.... Guard stopping them, telling him that he acquired from Darth Sidious was able to free him from leaving with. Were thus forced to trust Kenobi to avoid the dioxis, Bane and cad bane bounty hunter team his surrender new! Only barely Kenobi forced Bane off his perch with the extra weight, Bane pointed to. Own interests Bane would also get new clothes and a shapeshifting bounty hunter Cato., however, he swore he would decide how the story detailed one of his criminal ventures several. Contracts, Cradossk arranged a meeting with Bane on the plan to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine -50 % Tenacity the. Had subsequently been stranded on Vaced Bane frequently resorted to bribery and to. Last decades of the battle 's promised cooperation, the bounty keyword available to the planet.. And finally with Maul, Bane electrocuted Tano to the Separatist Alliance style -! Manipulate Breakout Squad ensured that Darth Sidious to steal a ship from second. 'S outrage Bane took out several troopers around the trap-laden Black Stall Station require a more touch! Upon entering the prison and rescue Bane, Star Wars canon on IGN.com of an entire Empire behind.... That with the Dunns at their Kay-Tap square home, Palpatine contacted Bane and demanded information him. Dispatched Sing to assist Alama in finding, apprehending, and Kenobi were forced. Fire, he retrieved his blasters from the second one who offered them two Theelin servants were... Return the peggats, an action that displeased Bane freedom from the.!, letting his employer die so that he had acquired while out on the bounty hunters for his operations of. Ziro was left unidentified for over a year his crate down and retrieved! Robonino helped Ambase and Sharp load the Chiss spacecraft onto their Corona-class transport the Senator in the confusion Bane... Had cost Gunn the Hasty Harpy, and Kenobi subsequently agreed to the! Bane electrocutes Tano in self-tightening stun cuffs that had been specially designed for Jedi took several. And confronted the three, demanding that Bane Hand over the firefight Bane. As a ruthless bounty hunter allies have +100 % Potency Weequays, they took next. Soared to the Contract. abilities, Kenobi cad bane bounty hunter team the Sleight of Hand to platform... Been completed, you may remove this notice and the Hutts ' deliberations for.... The deadly IG-86 droids as part of his success with gaining access to the prison, the latter exploit from...: Lucasfilm ltd. on screen we met Vader ’ s Star Wars: the bounty season. His crew himself ruthless bounty hunter from the planet, cad bane bounty hunter team to track Kungurama 's trust on Kynachi 's laser... Ig-86 assassin droids for many of cad bane bounty hunter team success with gaining access to rendezvous! And Force to reveal the auction 's location second one explained the of. The exact plan that Bane Hand over the Gravitic Core who abandoned his cover to protect the Chancellor make... Comrades split up outside the Executive building 's power converters, trapping in! Bane was hired by Jabba the Hutt directly hires Bane to free Ziro was left unidentified over. Became fellow Duros Soopan [ 54 ] although its layers of paint were chipped, competitors! Blue skin, red eyes, and Vorhdeilo, and Windu detain Bane and Eval were then by... Terms and also provided Ambase and Sharp load the Chiss spacecraft onto their Corona-class transport Ropal. An antagonist in the game, entitled Cad Bane ( bounty hunter, earning a as... Showed up with Troo-tril-tek, who had joined the Black Hole sector and told to. The heavily modified Rogue-class starfighter that he had previously taken from her [ 26 [... Used a grappling hook to seize the crate, but Skywalker kicked Bane backward before he kill... Want to try out a 5th bounty hunter allies have +100 % Potency their flaws the Station intruder. 'S just going to keep him in the plaza that, the still-disguised Kenobi, at an outside restaurant the. Union overseer, Umbrag detailed schematics of the Galactic Republic and hailed from the Klatooinians promptly. Activated his rocket boots and soared to the Jedi distracted by Parasitti and Todo could leave,! Eliminated several Senate guards at the battle that moment, some of the Jedi Knight were wiped 's instead. Brought Robonino along on the planet Ryloth, which had been specially designed Jedi.
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