I have an African Sideneck Turtle. april and may are generally the months they get busy. You can’t just put any old light on the turtle, it will need Uv rays for it. African Sideneck won’t bask. Water tank for african aquatic sideneck turtle. Sep 14, 2020 - Explore Everything-Turtles.com's board "African Sideneck Turtle Care", followed by 293 people on Pinterest. Not sure if I'm going to get all of them but these are the turtles in mind. I know that it can't be healthy for them to never come out, so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it! I thought it was probably nothing since they were okay selling him to me at the pet store. However, if it is just a shattered ego, like you said, it should go away by next year spring. The picture link appears broken, so I can't say for sure what's happening. chicken: patches..white spots on his back..feed..him sulpha DIP bath. I do not have any supplements for her the turtle will always sit under the basking platform or dig a big hole … Pelusios sp. Veterinarian's Assistant: I'm sorry to hear that. The turtle sits on his basking rock for nearly the entire day and barely moves. 72-75° is a good temperature with a nice hot basking area of 90-95°. To help them come "out of their shell" you can hand feed them. However, this doesn’t mean that it does not need a basking lamp at all. Aquatic turtles are fun to watch, especially when they're as unique looking as the African sideneck turtle. brownvanman brownvanman Newbie; 4 posts; Gender: Male; Location: Ohio; Report post; Posted January 20, 2012. Turtle docks … One of ours got so used to human contact that he'd beg for food and rather be fed by hand. They have a turtle dock and a basking light! There could be a few reasons as to why he isn’t basking. Should I be worried? Basking lamp temperature 100º. For example, people who own a musk turtle often say they don’t see it basking. Thread starter Saf1; Start date Wednesday at 1:54 PM; Wednesday at 1:54 PM #1 S. Saf1 New Member. Temperature may be the issue as African sidenecks are a tropical species. I've got three good pets up for adoption! Corn snake hiding since upgrading enclosure? My captive breed Pelusios castaneus also, but smallest one probably caught from wild bask more than 5 - 6 hours per day. Get your answers by asking now. These reptiles are most active during the day time and have a lifespan of 25+ years! African sideneck turtle care and product reviews (like and comment) - Duration: 15:54. He will need at least a 20 gallon filtered aquarium with a basking spot. 15:54. Why do 'people' like Dianne like to trash questions if they're made to look like Cnuts? You can keep your African Sideneck Turtle in a pretty basic enclosure. He appears healthy and is eating and swimming just fine but we do not see him basking much at all. Though it's not required because E. subglobosa is not a basking turtle, UVB lighting couldn't hurt and may still provide some benefits. He is gasping and making noise. The African helmeted turtle (Pelomedusa subrufa), also known commonly as the marsh terrapin, the crocodile turtle, or in the pet trade as the African side-necked turtle, is a species of omnivorous side-necked terrapin in the family Pelomedusidae.The species naturally occurs in fresh and stagnant water bodies throughout much of Sub-Saharan Africa, and in southern Yemen Turtles need lots of space, 10 gallons per inch of turtle. I had a chameleon and let it go into the wilderness for a better life but sometimes I still picture him crawling around? Now the spots are whitish and his shell is getting black around the spots. Veterinary Technician. He might not be used to the new surrondings and would probably feel safer under a rock or in a corner The spot might not be warm enough. Do you have a heat bulb, UVB, and a platform that stays completely out of the water? Inability to submerge suggests a respiratory disease and that requires a reptile vet. He is just over 4 inches long so this is one of the smallest turtles you can legally keep as a pet. Post your turtle first aid questions here. My African sideneck turtle will not move from the same spot until hours later. The lights that come with the covers on aquariums are not suitable for turtles. During droughts and when seasonal spaces dry up, the turtles will aestivate into the ground to wait out the wet season. Try hand feeding them to get them friendlier. You failed to mention it's husbandry ( how it is being kept) so it is a little difficult to help, but from the symptoms you describe it does sound sick, and my first thought is a respiratory infection. A lot of turtles have trouble coming out on docks, and don't feel secure. Jacob Haynes 3,560 views. The best way to get the turtles over being afraid of you is to NOT handle them or try to catch them. In case of Pelomedusa subrufa most of my turtles does not bask. So, this species is on the larger end of the spectrum for pet turtles. There are currently no recognized subspecies of African sideneck turtle. The Asian box turtle also doesn’t hibernate. 75 Gallon Turtle Tank with Above Tank Basking Platform - … I know that the picture is low res but I’ll explain, I keep getting an error for a file that I have, That says that it isn’t there. Next we have a hen silver laced batam, she is sweet, and lays small eggs. Private. Your turtle has been too cold for too long, and with reptiles -- being cold-blooded animals -- that's the kiss of death. He's housed in a 29 gallon tank, with various docks, a basking light, a filter, and a basic heater that is supposed to keep the water at 78 degrees (the thermometer never goes past 65)