Hunting alligators is a different matter. A great place to go to spot some alligators is the Monroe Harbour Marina. Select Quantity: Adult (13+) Gate Price. Long before Walt Disney helped Orlando become the theme park capital of the world, visitors began chomping at the bit to check out this family-run attraction. If you want to know more about alligator food habits and reproduction, you can learn all you want from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Have a tip you'd like to share? These are not pets! Many people traveling to this area are curious about our natural attractions, and no other animal peaks the interest of tourists as does the gator. Fact: The longest recorded length for an alligator is 19′ 2′. There's an awesome pathway that skirts Lake Monroe and puts the water right at your feet. Most alligators are smaller than tourists think. So where should you go to see wild alligators in Orlando? You are much more likely to be bitten by a shark in the ocean (more on that some other time). The Black Bear Wilderness Area in Sanford is a 7-mile tree-lined trail that slopes into the St. Johns River. Do not go near a body of water that is known to contain alligators, especially in the evening. Alligators | The Wild Florida blog is the place to learn about native Florida animals, airboat rides in Orlando and more! Watch the alligators being fed and walk the boardwalk through the swampland. Alligators are not everywhere, but you might be surprised to see them in some places. They are not considered a threat…still, do not try to handle them! Some resorts, such as the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort often bring in an expert from Gatorland to exhibit an alligator for their guests (there is a fee). That is like inviting an alligator to dinner (which you are supplying). If you do find yourself in the extremely unlikely position of avoiding a lunging alligator, you should run in a straight line away from the alligator and its habitat. During this drive, you will find over 362 different bird species, wild alligators, otters, bobcats, snakes and many other species of wildlife. Posted on March 20, 2019 by Gretta Kennedy. Many tourists are fascinated with seeing alligators in Florida.They can be seen in the wild if you know where to go (and have a little luck). It isn’t exactly an Orlando natural attraction and neither is it free. Look out the window! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for all things wild about Florida – from airboat rides to over 200 exotic and regional animals. Feathers from a duck, one instance were floating on the water (intact), burst upon the water flying everywhere. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: During mating season (summer) alligators tend to be a little more aggressive. See the alligators in their natural habitat and watch Bald Eagles and herons fly above you. If you take a ride on one of our airboats, chances are you will see an alligator in the wild. Gator Platform – one last chance to see the alligators before leaving the park. The Wild Florida Airboats tours head into the unique landscape of the Central Florida Everglades, with its miles of stunning wetlands that can only be accessed via an airboat. After all, it is believed that there are approximately 1.3 million wild alligators in Florida! Even if you don't see an alligator in the wild during an airboat ride, you are guaranteed to see alligators in our Wildlife and Nature Park at Wild Florida. There are about 1.3 million wild alligators in Florida, according to an estimate from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Unless you're an early riser or a night owl, you're probably not going to spot an alligator. If you will be staying a few days, relax in a chair outdoors and watch the water for their heads. Join us for a Wild adventure Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Reservations can be made Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays. About 15 miles northwest of Orlando is an 11-mile driving trail along the 20,000 acres of Lake Apopka. South Florida is the only place where you will find the American Crocodile and the American Alligator coexisting in the wild. Yes, there are crocodiles and caimans in Florida. Eight children, ages 2 to 16, are among the fatalities. Wildlife Park, American alligators – some 1.3 million of them – are all over the state. Males are usually larger than females. Most. Once near Disney World, and again near the airport, both in relatively remote areas of the city Gators will usually not bother you if you dont bother them. Many resorts feature these types of water bodies. Contact us! This park offers a wide range of animals to see as well as alligators. If the gator is less than 4 feet in length, don’t bother. American Alligators are found in the Southeastern United States including Orlando. Other paid attractions featuring alligators include Fun Spot Orlando, Wild Florida, Central Florida Zoo and Gatorama Alligator Farm (several hours south of Orlando). Oct 26, 2020 - Explore kevin crotzer's board "alligators" on Pinterest. Most alligators fear humans and will flee when sighted. A lot of lakes, swamps, ponds and canals can have at least one or more alligators in them. There are probably more than 1 million alligators in Florida, most of them live in South Florida, but also a lot can be found in the Orlando area. Those fatalities were among 383 unprovoked bites not caused by someone handling or intentionally harassing an alligator. The Central Florida Alligators like sunny, mild days...they sure sound a lot like the general population when it comes to this weather request. Even the folks at Silver Springs admit, gators are unusual and not the main reason for tourist to enjoy their natural attraction. Still, there is no swimming here, only in their sectioned off water park. Have a question? Sitting on a swampy 110-acre site just south of Orlando City, this theme park and wildlife preserve has been titled the ‘Alligator Capital of the World’. It isn’t exactly an Orlando natural attraction and neither is it free. 14 Best Places To See Wild Alligators In Florida Everglades National Park. There are several Florida nature sight seeing tours as well. Many provide an opportunity to see wild alligators. Go on an airboat ride offered outside Orlando or Kissimmee and chances are you’ll be able to spot a few alligators. I lived in Orlando for ten years, and I saw wild alligators twice in my life. It is guaranteed to see an alligator there – many, many gators. While there are some monsters out there, most gators are less than 6 feet long, but 8 – 10 foot long gators are not uncommon. OUR PARK IS PROUDLY INSPECTED AND APPROVED BY: Where can I see wild alligators in Orlando? It’s where the alligators live, mate, eat and nest and has become the centerpiece of the park. Stay in cozy lodges at your hunting trips with South Florida Fishing and Hunting on Lake Okeechobee. The specially-constructed pools are surrounded by common areas for the gators to wander, simulating their natural environment. Airboat Tours, Alligators. It is against the law. #1 Source Orlando Tourist Tips on Attractions and Vacation Planning, Where to See Wild Alligators in Orlando – Natural Attractions, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, NBC Sports Grill & Brew at Universal’s CityWalk, Tips & Tools Help Stay Organized on Vacation, Traveling over Toll Road 417, I’ve seen gator noses dotting. On this 1-hour admission, you’ll see zebra, watusi, deer, water buffalo, emu, wild boar, zebu, and monster alligators! It's the eighth largest lake in Orlando, right behind Lake Jessup, and also has a dense alligator population. If in a neighborhood dogs start to go missing, it is likely to be an alligator on a feeding … Gate Price. We always hope you get to see an alligator in the wild when riding on an airboat on Lake Cypress, but just in case you don’t, you will be able catch of glimpse of the 50 wild alligators that live in our Wildlife and Nature Park, and that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Orlando Tourism Orlando Accommodation Orlando Bed and Breakfast Orlando Holiday Rentals Orlando Holiday Packages Orlando Flights Orlando Restaurants Orlando Attractions Orlando Shopping Orlando Travel Forum Orlando Photos Orlando Map Orlando Guide Explore Walt Disney World All Orlando Hotels; Orlando Hotel Deals; Last Minute Hotels in Orlando On cooler days, alligators often sun themselves on the banks. Wild Florida’s Wildlife Park gives visitors the opportunity to observe and interact with some of the state’s native land-dwelling animals, and various species of tropical birds as well. It is not cheap, nor does it guarantee seeing or harvesting a wild gator. Great day out for families, groups or couples. Tickets. There are also both a 7-mile nature drive and boardwalks available to visitors. However, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. These are great natural resources and fun places to visit, but keep your eyes open. The American Alligator lifespan is around 35 years. Hunt wild alligators with certified outfitters and guides. Alligators can live near almost any body type of water, so it goes without saying, BEWARE! Alligators do live in the springs. Best of all take a thrilling ride on an airboat across a vast lake. The memory still remains. Hum…. Topics: Unless they have a cage near the dock with an alligator in it, there is no guarantee of seeing a wild alligator just because you are on an airboat. American crocodiles are not found in Orlando but are found in South Florida, the Caribbean, Southern Mexico and Central America. Take a fun ride with Wild Florida Airboats through a natural wildlife park filled with alligators, eagles, birds and a variety of Floridian flora and fauna. Most wild alligators do not get above 13 feet in length, and may weigh 600 pounds or more. Alligators make a very distinct sound (almost like a frog’s croaking only longer and deeper), often heard at dusk. It is guaranteed to see an alligator there – many, many gators. It promises plenty of family-friendly (and safe) fun, including an observation tower, alligator and crocodile shows, a swamp walk, a … When in Florida, seeing alligators is a must. Wild Florida - Gator Park Admission. Most hunters are only allowed a few tags per season, but do offer tourists to hire them as a guide service. It does make for an interesting story about your vacation though! Unless somebody has been feeding them, then that is a whole different story. And you’ll have plenty of places in captivity or the wild to choose from when you set out to observe some … Information. Under no circumstance should you feed a wild alligator. The best time to spot gators is in the evening, once Lake commotion … Of course the best place to see alligators in Orlando is Gatorland. Retention ponds and man made canals through neighborhoods are often home to alligators. Planning a day at the springs? Locating (notice I didn’t say hunting) alligators is a natural thing to want to do in Orlando, and can be very exciting when you see them. My most memorable sighting of an alligator happened at Lake Baldwin in Winter Park. Wild Alligators Up Close In The Florida Everglades. Wild Florida Airboats: Alligators in the wild - See 2,964 traveler reviews, 2,127 candid photos, and great deals for Kenansville, FL, at Tripadvisor. Watch and listen. They are to be feared and not taken lightly. Another TIP: There is no basis to the myth that you should run in zig-zag patterns to avoid a charging alligator. These theme parks are your best bets if you really want to see an alligator during your Florida visit. Eco Tours, Of course the best place to see alligators in Orlando is Gatorland. Back when the Navy base there, I saw an alligator snatch some lunch while on the golf course just yards away from me. Alligators are everywhere in Florida – official estimates suggest there may be more than 1.25 million of them in Florida’s waters. There are times when she's just not willing to put on a show. There are several places to see alligators in Orlando … However, if it’s raining during one those peak time periods, you may not see an alligator in the wild during an airboat ride. All four gator viewing areas are built around a pond holding alligators ranging in size from six feet to 13.5 feet long. There is also a manatee observation platform. With... Hillsborough River State Park. You must be a licensed trapper with a permit and tags. It is almost always possible to see alligators in the wild in a special area behind the visitors' center or from your car. It has 140,000 acres and more species (including many birds) than any other spot in the US. The easiest way to see an alligator is to go to one of the many zoos and alligator farms, but if you want to see these impressive reptiles in the wild, there are several places you can go to increase your chances of getting a really good look at them. So here are a few sight-seeing adventures you may want to consider if you want to see wild alligators in Orlando. Alligators are most difficult to spot during the summer when it is hot out. © 2020 - Orlando Tourist Tips With fewer and fewer natural places in Orlando, we thought it a good topic to cover. ORLANDO TOURIST TIP: If you come across an aggressive alligator (and live to talk about it), report it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by calling 1-866-FWC-GATOR. Police on Wednesday recovered the body of a two-year-old boy who was grabbed by an alligator in front of his family during a vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, officials said. Meet these prehistoric reptiles at Gatorland, known as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” about 40 minutes south of downtown Orlando. Enjoy a tour through the Wild Florida Wildlife Park to see some of Florida’s native wildlife including giant alligators, wild foxes, lemurs, and more. Florida Wildlife, There is a hidden mystery about these giant reptiles of the water and since we were in the Florida Everglades, it only seemed right to visit them up close. Experience Alligators Up Close. Entire theme parks are set up for wildlife encounters in a safe environment. Seven miles slightly north of Lake Jessup, is Lake Monroe. Many airboat tours lure tourists into spending money to see these ancient creatures. See Wild Alligators in Orlando – Guaranteed! See more ideas about Alligator, Crocodiles, American alligator. Gator attacks in Florida are very rare. Regardless, keep your eyes open near our waters and don’t become ‘gator bait.’, Alligators in Orlando, Gatorland, Natural Attractions. The best times of the year to spot alligators is March through May (which means we are coming up on one of the perfect times to see these amazing creatures) and September through November. The Everglades National Park is the third-largest national park in the United States! Sometimes, try as we might, our airboat captains aren’t always able to show off the wild alligators hanging out in Lake Cypress. Factbox - About 1.3 million wild alligators in Florida but attacks rare Read full article An aerial view of the Grand Floridian is seen after a two-year-old boy was dragged by an alligator into the lagoon at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, U.S., June 15, 2016. $12.00 + tax $0.90 = $12.90 . Some gators may lose their natural fear of humans, especially if fed by humans. Gator Bridge – a walkway over the pond where more than 50 alligators live. Myth: Alligators can grow to enormous proportions, over 20 feet in length and weighing a ton or more. It’s where the alligators live, mate, eat and nest and has become the centerpiece of the park. Entering the park through the main gateway from Highway 44 puts you on a scenic gravel roadway snaking through the front end of the park, providing views of the gators lounging in roadside pools. Albino alligators hatch at Wild Florida Caught on video: Man saves puppy from alligators jaws in Florida Richard Wilbanks, 74, became an internet hero this year for … With Orlando’s many natural attractions and manmade features appealing to alligators, your chances of seeing a wild alligator when visiting are fairly good – IF you are trying to. So here are a few sight-seeing adventures you may want to consider if you want to see wild alligators in Orlando. A little thrashing and the event was quickly over with, and the water was still again. This animal was trapped in the early 1900’s in the State of Louisiana. There are several places to see alligators in Orlando which are not free. You can also make the adventure even better with airboat rides and more. ant to know more about alligator food habits and reproduction, you can learn all you want from the, Celebrate with a Birthday Party at Wild Florida, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Do not take your dog near these bodies of water that have gators. There are four different places where you can see or interact with alligators at Wild Florida: All four gator viewing areas are built around a pond holding alligators ranging in size from six feet to 13.5 feet long. Be careful if you walk your dog or start swimming somewhere, be sure it is free of alligators. Carol you will be ok. A post earlier this year sparked many inquiries on where to see wild alligators in Orlando. Wild alligators don’t care if they live just a few miles from a NASA launch site. In short, the alligators are federally protected because they look too similar to the crocodiles and caimans that are endangered in Florida. Vacation homes that back up to bodies of water may offer a great place to see wild gators in Orlando. Well, maybe not exactly. Unlike humans who peak as teens, alligators continue to grow as long as they live. There have been 23 fatalities caused by wild alligators in Florida since 1973, according to data compiled by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. With all of the beauty to take in, it might be easy to miss a gator-sighting.
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