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But, its definitely something to think about. In many countries, they are believed to have nine lives, but in Italy, Germany, Greece, Brazil, and some Spanish-speaking regions, they are said to have seven lives, while in Turkish and Arabic traditions, the number of lives is six. Whatever the reason, it is clear that cats are special creatures with an ability to survive against the odds. In others, they are considered to be sacred creatures. The 9 Friendliest & Nicest Cat Breeds In the World, 10 Popular Cat Myths Completely Debunked By A Vet, 11 Tips To Train Your Cat To Sleep All Night, How To Pet A Cat The 3 Basic Dos And Donts, 7 Signs Your Cat Is Not Getting Enough Love, Is Your Cat Lonely? Now shes the proud owner of Milo and has researched more about the prevalence of cats in Islam, she says: Cats are a blessing from God, who provide their owners with nothing but happiness and positivity.. Have you ever encountered this behavior from your cat? Theyre also very curious and theyre always exploring their surroundings. Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock. Ancient Egyptian Gods Horus and Atum. Theyre also very affectionate and they love to cuddle. All these quality are what makes cats truly unique. For example, you may notice when yourcat is purringor rubbing against your leg, and you may appreciate their presence more. And finally, some cultures believe cats have nine lives because they can heal quickly from injuries. Rather than wake her, he used a pair of scissors to cut the sleeve off, leaving the cat undisturbed. You may think your cat has 9 lives. Whatever the origin of the belief, there is no scientific evidence to support it. Now its time to add the carpet or fabric. To your amazement, cats have nine lives is a myth. "They haven't lost their instincts to huntwhich means they can survive without human help. Cats are some of the most popular pets in the world, after all. The truth is, no one really knows for sure, but there is evidence to suggest that cats are resilient creatures that may have a few more lives than the average animal. I sometimes think she loves him more than me. Another theory is that the six lives myth is based on the fact that cats are relatively resilient animals. So, what is the truth? The same is true in some Asian cultures. ), temperature, interoreceptors (e.g. However, while they are indeed quite resilient, it is not true that they can survive any fall or injury. BOTTOM LINEContinue, How to know if your cat sees a ghost? This means that they are less likely to be injured than other animals, which may lead people to believe that they have more lives. However, cats are known to be remarkably resilient creatures, and they do have some amazing survival stories. Above all, they are admired for their cleanliness. What we do know is that cats are incredibly resilient creatures. Your pet can and will try to get them, so best to keep them out of sight or at a low profile. Theyre also very affectionate and they love to be petted and cuddled. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We do our best to help you better understand your cats, but the information on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Our feline friends should be treated with the same level of respect that we would grant any other creature in nature, as cats are still animals. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. Many people think of cats as aloof and uncaring, but believing they have 9 lives can change how you see them. Can Adult Cats Eat Kitten Food? The sun god Atum-Ra was said to take the form of a cat so he could visit the underworld. Cats can twist their bodies mid-air and land on their feet, thanks to their flexible spine and inner ear. Instead, the Japanese believe thatcats have the power to change their fate. However, they are not necessarily associated with the number nine. Not just lovely, but cats is also beneficial. Of all the cat myths and misconceptions out there, one of the most persistent is that cats have lives to spare. Would they think that a cats life is just like a humans life, only with more lives? They have a strong survival instinct and are able to recover from injuries that would be fatal to other animals. With dogs you get what you see they have no hidden traits or personality quirks. One New York cat is known to have survived a fall of 32 stories. 3. If you have observed a cat falling, you may have seen that they open its paws apart, forming a sort of parachute. Though fleas can strike all year round, you are most likely to. So, as a result, it is thought that having a cat in your life will bring you good luck. As with most oral storytelling, there is no evidence of when or where this famous English quotation was first documented. "And finally, they don't take abuse. Have cats been blessed with nine lives? Is that because they can survive anything, or does this attribution not match reality? Scorpio (October 23 November 21): The Scorpio cat is the true mystery of the zodiac. Stock photo of a cat. Domestication sped up in Ancient Egypt. She has many furry friends and loves to talk about them and share curiosities, tips, and funny stories. Along with, Cats are said to have seven lives in Spain and other Spanish speaking nations. So the age process, like the other life processes of a dog, is sped up. This meant that it was oftenused to represent completeness or perfection. They are thought to be ritually clean, and are thus allowed to enter homes[1] and even mosques, including Masjid al-Haram. That's because they were born via eggs or some other mode to incubate the baby other than a placenta. This is likely due to their ability to escape dangerous situations unharmed. Morris the Cat strolled onto TV and into Americans' lives in 1969 as the finicky spokes-cat for 9Lives cat food [source: Elliott ]. Cats do not have nine lives in all cultures. While certain areas around the world believe that cats have multiple lives, the number nine is not universal. However, the information found on Excited Cats should not be viewed as veterinary advice. An old English proverb. Nine has traditionally been considered a magic . Why don't dogs and cats have belly buttons? To the Ancient Greeks, it represented a magic number and is associated with the gods. So it is obviously not a possibility. What do dog groomers use to make dogs smell so good? Despite their work as mousers, cats retained their air of mystique. What do you call someone with no siblings? Theyre also very passionate and they can be quite stubborn. Its even permissible to eat from the same bowl that a cat has eaten from. Some cultures see them as lucky animals that bring good fortune. The civilization was known to worship cats, with several deities being depicted as having cat-shaped heads. Like many teenagers in lockdown, sweating through hours of home learning while struggling to remain positive, I really wanted a cat. Ive done the same thing with a can of wet food.) Here are some popular cat sleeping positions and what they say about your feline friend: This position is named after the Egyptian cat breed known for its hairless body. Cats can heal quickly from injuries and areless likely to develop infections. It is possible that the myth originated from the fact that cats were often associated with the goddess Bastet, who was thought to have had nine lives. ",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from November 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 18 February 2023, at 19:22. They say that nine is "the trinity of trinities" and believe that cats most definitely have multiple lives. Every day, my mother spends hours gawking at him, besotted. 5. Pisces (February 19 March 20): The Pisces cat is the true dreamer. In Islam, cats are considered to be clean animals and are thus generally well-respected. Another theory is that the number nine has been considered a lucky number in some cultures, and cats have been associated with good luck and mystical powers. Cats are pretty tidy creatures. Since ancient times, people have observed cats surviving the most incredible falls and getting through incredible life-threatening situations. Theyre always looking for ways to keep the peace and theyre always trying to please everyone. Theyre always living in their own little world and theyre always chasing their dreams. All this fascination with cats goes way back about 12,000 years ago. Rather than wake her, he used a pair of scissors to cut the sleeve off, anything as long as the cat could remain sleeping undisturbed. Additionally, early Anglo-Saxon settlers of England (originally called Angle-lond), used the number nine in both legal and literary contexts, says Encyclopedia Britannica. Some regions around Spain believe that cats only have seven lives, while in other Arabic and Turkish legends, cats have six lives. In the article, the author describes how she once found herself in the middle of the night, chasing a kitten around her house with a can of tuna. About our Ads. This is thought to relate to seven being considered a magical number related to good luck. One theory is that the number nine is considered to be a lucky number in many cultures. Here Are 9 Secret Reasons Why Cats Really Have 9 Lives. While the idea of cats having nine lives may seem like an old wives tale, there is actually some science to back it up. This information should not be substituted for a professional veterinary consultation. No, cats do not actually have nine lives. Earlier this year, researchers announced the discovery of what they believe to be the world's oldest pet cemetery, with nearly 600 cats and dogs at one single Ancient Egyptian site. The Egyptians' obsession with cats is believed to have helped the species disperse around the globe, with felines traveling along trade routes into Europe and beyond. Are those adorable pets actually evil? They love to explore and theyre always up for a new challenge. The fact that there is no universal consensus regarding . Essentially, they are doing more in a shorter period of time than our bodies are. However, the best way to ensure your cats longevity is by providing them with a safe environment and regular checkups from your veterinarian. Does a cat have 9 lives? They might be grumpy creatures that would knock things over around the house, nestle and curl up on our laps when we're down, and sometimes even when we're busy! Cats also have super-flexible bones with a light structure and a thick fur all which they use to their advantage. Your cat's daredevil antics can be fun to watch, but engaging them in safe play goes a long way to making your feline friend's life a happy and healthy one. For the scratching post itself, youll need a sturdy piece of wood (at least 2 feet tall), a piece of sisal rope, and some carpet or fabric. Despite the differences in the number of lives a cat supposedly has, there exists the one common underlying belief: Cats live more than one life. He suddenly sneaks on you while you sleep and starts checking whether you are breathing. So, where did the idea that cats have nine lives come from? Despite being a myth, why do they say cats have nine lives? Meanwhile, View In Japan, cats are also seen as lucky creatures. 7+ REVEALING SIGNSContinue, Can a cat be evil? In Turkish and Arabic legends, cats have six lives, while in some Spanish speaking regions, as well as in Brazil, Italy, and Greece, people believe that cats have seven lives. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Historians have traced the importance of cats and the significance of the number nine to the ancient Egyptians, who considered cats sacred. Supports healthy immune system, digestion, lean muscle & beautiful fur. InAncient Egypt,cats were considered to be sacred animals. While there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that cats have seven lives, there are a few theories that could explain where the idea originated from. This means that, technically, cats could live forever. Theyre also quite reserved and they can be quite stubborn. As any cat parent can tell you, all you have to do is observe a cat's ability to leap, twist and land on their feet to see why this myth is a lasting legend. Another story is, upon returning from the mosque, Muhammad received a bow from Muezza. There is no scientific evidence to support the belief that cats have nine lives. As an Amazon Associate, I Earn From Qualifying Purchases, About Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact Us. That's because they were born via eggs or some other mode to incubate the baby other than a placenta. Lastly, believing that cats have 9 lives can also help people to be more compassionate towards others. We couldnt help laughing at her overreaction and yet her fear of cats was genuine. CAN CATS SENSE BAD ENERGY? Across the U.S. there are almost 60 million pet cats, with around one in four households having a feline companion. I have four cats of my own, and I frequently foster kittens for a local animal shelter. Do cats have nine lives, or do they really have seven? Contrary to popular belief, cats only have one life. FRIGHTENING?Continue, Your email address will not be published. Due to this reflex, cats can land on all four paws, making them survive very high falls. Edward William Lane (18011876), a British Orientalist who resided in Cairo, described a cat garden originally endowed by the 13th-century Egyptian sultan Baibars, whose European contemporaries held a very different attitude towards cats, eating them or killing them under papal decrees. DragonHunter256 3 yr. ago. I love cats with a passion. Theyre always mysterious and theyre always seeming to know more than theyre letting on. The relationship between human and cat became beneficial for both specieshumans were providing food for the cats, and cats were stopping rodents from raiding human food stores. Even Though Small, Cats Are Likely To Take Out A Much Bigger And Scarier Animal. "Cats have nine lives" is a saying that has been around for hundreds of years at least. CAT CRYING OUTSIDE MY HOUSE SUPERSTITION AND 5 MORE! complete answer on, View Start by drilling a hole through the center of your piece of wood. Once youve wrapped the post to your desired height, cut off any excess rope and staple the end down. This might change how we interact with them because we may be afraid they will see ghosts or spirits around us and tell them what we are doing. One possibility is thatcats have better reflexesthan other animals, which helps them escape dangerous situations. But there is one annoying trait that makes her different from the other mothers she unequivocally loathes all animals, unless they are in a palatable format, like her chicken parmesan. So, do cats have nine lives? Regardless of how different cultures view cats, it is clear that these animals hold a special place in our hearts. Scientists even believe they have more chances of surviving falling from higher places than lower places because they have more time to properly fix their bodies during the fall to prepare for impact. Youve made your very own DIY cat scratching post. Now she does everything for him: cleans out his litter tray, feeds him and plays with him. Yes indeed! This period covers age 24-40 in human years.". Christ died on the ninth hour of the day. There is a way of saying that cats have nine lives in many cultures. As weve deduced, there isnt a magical number of lives that cats havethey can die just like any other animal. This myth dates back to ancient Egypt, the ancient Egyptians loved and worshiped their cats as if they were gods. There are feral cats all over the world. Dedicated cat lovers are so proud of the relationship they have with their cats, they embrace the term "crazy cat owners" with open arms. They like their own space and can be a bit aloof. Based on this culture, cats are supposed to be treated well and fed appropriately. We may also be more cautious in treating them for fear of injuring them and taking away one of their nine lives. The Prophet himself was a great cat-lover Muezza was the name of his favourite cat. This is because seven is a magical number related to good luck. Some cats may only have seven lives, while others may have nine or more. I do not hide that the thought has crossed my mind here and there; somethings that cats do at times make you really think they are out to get you. No surprise that so many young people are, like me, behind this trend. Within weeks of Milo moving in with us, my mothers attitude changed and now after three months, she has fully adopted him as her fifth child. [1], One of Muhammad's companions was known as Abu Hurairah (literally: "Father of the Kitten") for his attachment to cats. Another theory is that the seven lives myth is actually a reference to a cats ability to survive falls from great heights. While Muslims are completely free to live with cats, they must treat the cats well. For example, in Arabic-speaking parts of the world, cats are believed to have six lives. So, despite the odds, I got a kitten. We are practising Muslims and I eventually realised that this was the way to her heart where cats were concerned and I wondered why I hadnt tried this approach earlier. But there is one annoying trait that makes her different from the other mothers she unequivocally loathes all animals, unless they are in a palatable format, like her chicken parmesan. 10 REMARKABLE THINGS ABOUT CATSContinue. When a saying gets to be over 400 years old, it's usually very difficult to track its exact origin. Truth told, I would have liked a dog, but Islam forbids Muslims to keep them. In fact, there is even a famous saying in China: "A cat has nine lives but only uses seven." This belief likely comes from the fact that cats can survive falls from great heights and other seemingly impossible situations. Do they real have nine lives? The nine lives of cats have been a subject of fascination for centuries. This age-old enigma has perplexed us for generations, yet the answer is much more intriguing than you'd imagine. And what is the meaning behind that famous saying? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. WHY DOES MY CAT CHECK IF I AM BREATHING? Or would they think that a cats life is more like a game, where they can use up one of their lives and then start over again? Due to how cherished and loved cats are in Islam, the mistreatment of this animal is considered a serious sin. I could never play fetch with a dog, or get close to one. Even the most affectionate and characterful cat may make a poor first impression. I am completely satisfied, I found useful information and tips in this article, Article was somewhat helpful, but could be improved. Have you experienced the funny and maybe creepy experience of your cat suddenly jumping up, running away, or even becoming puffy with all his fur standing straight? They love to eat and theyre always on the lookout for the best food around. So, while we cant say for sure that cats have nine lives, we can say that they are definitely capable of cheating death! However, this is not actually true. If a cat "comes back to life" multiple times, the number nine makes sense when looked at from a mystical point of view. She created to help cat owners learn more about their furry feline friends! Leo (July 23 August 22): The Leo cat is the true king or queen of the household. Egyptians believed that cats were reincarnated six times, which may have led to the belief that they have six lives. The belief that cats have nine lives is simply a myth or superstition passed down through generations. This is a common misconception about the Islamic faith, likely because of the similar sound of the Arabic words for "cat" (qit) and "life" (qiyam). For three he play s, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays.". Cats are creatures of habit and their favorite sleeping position often reflects their unique personality. What does the Bible say about aging with grace? Theyre also fiercely independent and they like to do things their own way. Im a mom, writer and professional dog trainer who has worked with dogs all my life and has been training them professionally for a little over 10 years. 10 REMARKABLE THINGS ABOUT CATS. So, do I believe that humans have nine lives? Dominican Republic - Repblica Dominicana, Greater China - Hong Kong SAR (English), Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives? Meanwhile, some Turkish and Arabic legends say cats have six lives. Cats check if you are breathing, especially at night, because they have not seen you moving for several hours. The institution, in which domestic felines were sheltered and nourished, was funded by a waqf, along with caretakers' wages, veterinary care and cat food. Regardless of its origins, the belief that cats have nine lives is widespread. These are just a few of the reasons why scientists are exploring. Whod have thought that Islam would help to cure my mothers ailurophobia and turn her into a fully fledged cat-lover? The number nine has also been associatedwith luck in various cultures. Cats should be provided with enough food, water and given roaming time. The idea of nine lives may also have come from Shakespeare or traditional sayings. [8][9] There is no mention of any such cat or the associated story in the hadith or supplementary works[10] and there are similar stories attributed to someone else from 6th century Arabia which may explain the origin of the story.[11]. Cats are also known for their dexterity and agility. 4. Why does my dog act like a cat but I don't have a cat? Both cats and dogs can pick up each other's behaviors, and their humans, too. Or maybe because it comes from the Welsh, where nine steps was used to measure legal distances. In China, the number nine is considered to be lucky. The myth of cats having nine lives may have come from Ancient Egypt. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS BEHIND THE 9 LIVES OF CATS? I am not alone; a total of 3.2m UK households have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. Or believe they could see, smell, and predict things we cant? Whatever the reason for the belief that cats have seven lives, its clear that these creatures are often able to evade danger and live long, happy lives. While the origin of this myth may remain a mystery, science has revealed that cats are incredibly resilient creatures capable of escaping danger and surviving situations where other animals might not. As humans farmed and stored food, they attracted common prey for cats, such as mice and rats. One of the superstitions is about cats crying outside the house at night. But if the cats are ordinary cats and are not causing a nuisance, perhaps it is better to leave them alone to reproduce. The origin of this saying is not entirely clear, but there are a few theories. 10 REMARKABLE THINGS ABOUT CATS. Cats are perfect to most people, but not to my 42-year-old mother. Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, well receive a percentage of the proceeds. Find info on vets or breeds or laugh at funny cats. Do cats have nine lives, or do they really have seven? She also talks about how shes had to learn to be more patient with her cats, and how shes come to appreciate the quirks that make each of them unique. William Shakespeare also references nine lives in his 1597 tragedy Romeo and Juliet, appearing in Act 3, Scene 1 during a fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. However, accidents can happen; in fact, it has happened for cats or kittens to fall from a terrace and die, even though we know cats have incredible abilities in landing on their paws. If youre ever wondering how people come up with ideas like this, just remember that theres no one correct answer. Required fields are marked *. What You Need to Know! This can be both cute and worrying at the, Begonias are flowering plants that many homeowners grow in their flowerbeds and in large pots due to their colorful blooms., Fleas are a pain for many pet owners. [3] Abu Hurairah reported that he had heard Muhammad declare that a pious woman went to Hell for after she had been annoyed by a female cat, tied her with a rope and neglected to provide her with food and water until she died. Some cats have personalities that stand out from, Read More CAN A CAT BE EVIL? Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. She is just like any of my 17-year-old friends parents she is spirited, sparky, generous and can be feisty when she needs to be. It felt like a sacrifice for her, but she knew how much I wanted one. While there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that cats have six lives, there are some interesting theories about why this belief exists. We work to make the world a better place for cats, and we're getting better for you. Cancer (June 21 July 22): The Cancer cat is a true homebody. Another benefit is that it can help people be more mindful of their lives. She cooks arguably the best chicken parmesan in the world, and also has impeccable taste in Bollywood music. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered and considered to be sacred animals. Dr. Lucinda Alderton-Sell, Cats Protection's Field Veterinary Officer, previously told Newsweek: "Between the ages of 3 and 6, cats are in the prime of their lives and usually at their peak of physical fitness. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays.". Partly it was based on watching a scary video about a cat in her childhood. Thinking about how much love and to care acat needsto live a whole life can remind you to be kind and patient with the people in your life. The answer is still unclear. Specifically, it is believed that cats have seven lives in Portugal and Spain, and from there, this belief was spread to the rest of Europe. The Egyptians believed that cats were magical creatures with the power to come back to life after death. This is a common misconception about the Islamic faith, likely because of the similar sound of the Arabic words for cat (qit) and life (qiyam). Im not sure. [1] Furthermore, there is a belief among some Muslims that cats seek out people who are praying.[6]. Spooky, isnt it? Moreover, Cats have long been associated with having nine lives. Your email address will not be published. Cats have acute senses and know they should not jump from a balcony if it is too high. Nine has traditionally been considered a magic number, which could also help to explain why cats are associated with nine lives. And with that comes the same onus to protect them from harm and take proper care of them. Why don't cats and dogs have belly buttons? Why do cats use litter boxes and dogs don't? For example, thinking cats have 9 lives can help you appreciate the moments you live in more. 2023 DorkyCats - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, Terms Of Service | Privacy Policy | Disclaimers | Contact | About, HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR CAT SEES A GHOST? However, William Shakespeare knew about the saying because he referenced it in his play Romeo and Juliet, written in the late 16th century: "Good king of cats, nothing but one your nine lives." 2. [1], The American poet and travel author Bayard Taylor (18251878) was astonished when he discovered a Syrian hospital where cats roamed freely. [1], Wilfred Thesiger, in his book The Marsh Arabs, notes that cats were allowed free entry to community buildings in villages in the Mesopotamian Marshes, and even fed. Theyre always striving for perfection and theyre always looking for ways to improve. Do cats really have 9 lives? Cat Nail Biting: What to Do If Your Cat Chews & Pulls His Claws, Why Is My Kitten So Hyper? [1], In Islamic tradition, cats are admired for their cleanliness. And why do people believe it? Although not meant in super seriousness, the proverb tells that: "A cat has nine lives. Deter them from this behavior by cat-proofing your house, such as not placing tempting items like toys, treats and catnip in high places. If youre a cat lover, I think youll enjoy this article. Others believe that it is because they are able to see in the dark and avoid danger. Most notably, the goddess Bastet's ability to change from human to cat and back again may have promoted the idea that cats have multiple lives because she kept appearing and reappearing. Since then she has said there is something disturbing about their piercing stare and how quickly they can dart away, vanishing into thin air. Preparing to attend prayer, he began to dress himself; however, he soon discovered his cat Muezza sleeping on the sleeve of his prayer robe. The idea cats have nine lives may have endured because of their incredible agility. According to legend, they do but where did this idea come from? Arab countries tend to say that cats have six lives. Cats Are Modern Day Ninjas. They were associated with the goddess Bastet, who was often depicted with the head of a cat. They say that nine is the trinity of trinities and believe that cats most definitely have multiple lives. Falling #cat saved at #MiamiHurricanes football game at #HardRockStadium #9lives #catsoftiktok @Miami Hurricanes. It has been suggested that the idea of cats having nine lives has its roots in Ancient Egypt. The medieval Egyptian zoologist Al-Damiri (13441405) wrote that the first cat was created when God caused a lion to sneeze, after animals on Noah's Ark complained of mice. CAN THE BELIEF IN CATS HAVING 9 SOULS CHANGE THE WAY WE SEE THEM? While cats do not have nine lives, but just one, it is commonly believed that those animals have additional powers that allow them to live through impossible odds. This means cats can survive situations that other animals might not be able to, making them seem like they have more lives than most.